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What is the Right Method to Upload an App on App Store?

by Mohamed Ali
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Indeed, it is a challenging task to upload an app on App store. You must require expert guidance and support to do so. Being tech-savvy, we came up with the most requested guide containing a complete procedure for uploading an application on Appstore. 

Trust us; this guide will not only generate an expert out of you but also upload your application at the earliest time possible. So, if you are excited, move in and read further.

Now, let’s deep dive together and get a complete insight into how to upload an app on App store

Steps to do to Upload an App on App Store

Before starting the procedure of uploading your application to the app store, ensure that you follow these prerequisites: 

  • The project should pass Apple’s App Store Guidelines. 
  • Must have a Valid Apple developer program account. 
  • A Mac OS X system.
  • Install Keychain Access and Xcode programs.

After considering these essentials, move on and carry out the steps given below:

Collect App Information

For the first step, you need to collect your application information. 

Wondering which information?

Here is a list!

  • Screenshots
  • Name
  • Description
  • Marketing URL that contains marketing information. 
  • Support URL that supports information
  • Application Icon
  • Copyright in a format: YYYY Company Name
  • Privacy Policy URL
  • Keywords separated with a comma
  • Privacy policy URL
  • Categories
  • Rating

Move into the next step once you collect your application’s information. 

Make a Bundle Identifier 

The name of your application is a bundle identifier that users can see on their iOS devices. 

  • Move to your browser. 
  • Go to Apple’s Developer Portal.
  • Log in
  • Then, choose Identifier.
  • Hover your mouse on “+” and click on the same. 
  • Give the name of your application and its ID. 
  • Also, ensure that the Bundle ID follows “com.yourcompanyname.yourappname”
  • Find out the Application Services your application needs.
  • Hit Continue. 
  • Services must be correct. 
  • Choose Submit. 

Develop a Certificate Signing Request

The Certificate Signing Request will let you establish a link between your computer and your Apple developer account. To proceed with it:
  • Double-click on KeyChain Access
  • Move to the top left menu and hit Certificate Assistant. 
  • From a Certificate Authority, choose Request a Certificate
  • Enter the email address
  • Provide the name of your digital solution. 
  • Checkmark Saved to Disk. 
  • Hit Continue. 
  • Now, just save the Certificate Signing Request. 
If you have found any issues till now, consider meeting with the top iOS app development company. 

App Store Production Certificate

You can use it to link iOS apps to your Apple developer account. 

  • Open your browser. 
  • Head towards Apple’s Developer Portal. 
  • Choose Certificates. 
  • At the top right, locate “+” and click on the same. 
  • Hit Application Store Production, which is also known as “App Store and Ad Hoc”
  • Select Continue. 
  • Ensure to upload the Certificate Signing Request. 
  • Try to download the Certificate. 
  • Double-click on the Certificate and install it. 
  • Locate the file in a safer place. 

Production Provisioning Profile

This is what you need to create now with the following steps: 
  • To initiate, move towards Apple’s Developer Portal. 
  • Log in. 
  • Hit Provisioning Profiles. 
  • Choose “+” from the top right of the screen. 
  • Click App Store Distribution. 
  • Hit Continue. 
  • Tap Bundle ID created earlier and hit Continue. 
  • Now, choose the Certificate created earlier and again hit Continue. 
  • Profile name must be in this format “App Name App Store Distribution.”
  • Hit Generate and download it. 
  • Double-click on the provisioning profile and install it. 
  • Save the file. 

App Store Listing

  • Start the browser. 
  • Choose iTunes Connect. 
  • Log in. 
  • Select My Apps. 
  • Hit “+” on the top left. 
  • Next, tap “New iOS App.”
  • Choose the Bundle ID made on the Developer Portal. 
  • Match SKU for the Bundle ID created earlier. 
  • Finally, create the first version listing. 

Release Build

  • Start Xcode. 
  • Access project or workspace. 
  • Try to update the version and build numbers. 
  • Access Build Settings. 
  • Select All settings. 
  • Now, scroll to Code Signing. 
  • Use the provisioning profile you made before.
  • Then, use the code signing identity.
  • Move towards the top menu, and choose Generic iOS Devices only if there is no connected device. 
  • Click on Menu, Project, and Archive. 
  • Tap Distribute. 
  • Sign in to your Apple Developer Account. 
  • Submit the app store. 
  • Wait till you receive the confirmation. 

Version Detail

  • Here you need to put the information we suggested in the first step. 
  • Choose the build that you want to tie to the version.
  • Provide the pricing information. 
  • Hit Save. 
  • Just save all changes. 

Submit Version

  • Pick the release type from manual or automatic. 
  • Wait for the approval, which usually takes 2-3 weeks. 
  • Try to review the notes if your application is not approved, make relevant changes, and then resubmit it. 


  • Wait till you see the green-colored “Ready for Sale” version. 
  • Try to find your application on the App Store. 
  • Hurray! Your application has been successfully uploaded. 

To Conclude!

Uploading your digital solution on the App store is a tough task unless you take assistance from the best iOS application development company. We hope that you liked the idea and understood everything about the procedure. 

However, if you need further assistance, don’t forget to consult with our experts. 

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