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What is the Metaverse that Book of Gates Takes Place In?

by Uneeb Khan
exciting upcoming drop for The Book of Gates

If you’re looking at high-powered, multi-use NFT collections like the exciting upcoming drop for The Book of Gates, you’re probably wondering what all the fuss about the ‘Metaverse’ is. What even is the Metaverse, and what does it have to do with NFTs? Today we take a quick and simple look at this complicated new concept, and how it matters to you.

Defining the Undefinable

When people struggle to define the Metaverse, why is there so much hype about it? Is it a new, fully immersive, space to interact in? Is it the merging of interconnected digital experiences? Is it a ‘virtual world’ of its own?

The Metaverse is best thought of as a new digital frontier that changes how we think of the business-customer relationship. Digital identity is its cornerstone, allowing you the consumer to control your data and own it in a way we currently can’t. 

Of course, as with any evolving digital concept, everyone wants a slice of the pie. So the definition is a little shiftable. However, cornerstones of the Metaverse concept include:

  • An identity you take with you across boundaries (if you choose)
  • A greater merging of online and offline spaces
  • A true ‘ownership’ of digital assets, which is where the overlap with blockchain and NFT comes from
  • Real-time human interaction

How NFTs like the Book of Gates Fit into the Metaverse Idea

So, how have NFTs become part of the greater Metaverse? NFTs have moved past the idea of a stand-alone jpg or a way to own digital art. Look at the Book of Gates NFT collection, for example- it’s a pictorial NFT, yes, but also a game pass into a trading card-style game where ownership will be collective and your NFT is your ‘ticket’ to thrive and help create a unique landscape with rich gameplay. 

As things become digitized on-chain with multi-utility like this, and we’ve already seen how creative that utility can get, the idea of physical space (like your Book of Gates NFT) and online space (like the Book of Gates landscape) fuse. 

In all likelihood, we will see many Metaverses emerge, likely on thematic lines- you will have your Book of Gates Metaverse for R&R, an educational Metaverse for learning, perhaps a travel Metaverse to experience the world from your couch, and so on. What will link them is the ability to travel through virtual worlds without the hassle of ‘crossing borders’ with your digital identities and assets. 

There’s immense power in the Metaverse concept, and it’s one we’re going to see reworked, reimagined, and reconsidered as the entire blockchain and web3 space grows. If you’re looking to get yourself an exciting slice of this pie, now’s the time to start looking at NFT collections like the Book of Gates, with Metaverse potential built-in to the package, so you will be able to enjoy the full potential of this powerful space for yourself- and create your digital world your way, no matter where imagination takes you.

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