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What is SEO? Search engine optimization Explained.

by Uneeb Khan
Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization or seo services lahore is a discipline of online marketing comprise of many individual building blocks. The full potential of a website can only unfold when all elements work together. In this article I will explain to you and understandably what is involve in search engine optimization. How it differs from other online marketing disciplines and what you need to start with SEO.

What is SEO? – Define

SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization and describes techniques and strategies use to increase a website’s positioning for specific search terms (keywords) in a search engine such as Google. The primary aim is to draw the attention of more users in the search engine to your website and to get them to click on the search result.

Additionally, SEO also contributes to the image of a company. The user still notices and remembers the brand name even if a search result is not click.

In addition to search engine optimization, there is also the possibility of placing paid ads in search engines and thus generating access (traffic). This is known as advertising on search engines or SEA for short. Together, the two online marketing disciplines from search engine marketing, or SEM for short. In contrast to paid traffic, the traffic generate via unpaid search results is called organic traffic.

Why and for whom is SEO important?

Anyone who runs a website and is not list in search engines for relevant terms will have difficulty asserting themselves against the competition. He is practically invisible on the Internet. Search engines are among the most use applications on the Internet, and almost all users use a search engine when surfing the Internet. Comparatively, only some still need to enter the address of a website in the browser bar. In most cases, they need to know which website they want to go to but use Google or another search engine to browse through the wide range of information on the Internet.

Of course, generating traffic via other channels is possible, but with the organic Google search, you need to catch up on a powerful medium that offers a lot of potentials. Website operators are, therefore, well advise to include search engine optimization in their online marketing mix.

How do I allow SEO to become effective?

Search engine optimization is long-term and usually only works after some time. It often takes some time for the implement measures to show their effects. And there is no guarantee that the desire results will occur. Of course, some estimates show their product after a few days or weeks. But sometimes. It takes several months or half a year to achieve initial success.

How does Google search work?

To understand seo training lahore, one needs to know how the search engine views and ranks web pages. To later be able to display the most relevant pages in the search results. Google first has to know what is on offer. To do this Google’s so-called Googlebot (also called a crawler or spider) constantly searches (crawls) the web. Looks at existing websites and searches for new information. The crawler mainly works along the links to include previously unknown pages.

On a website the Googlebot scans the content along the HTML elements such as title or H-headings among other things. And thus defines the topic and scope of the respective subpage. Google already evaluates and categorizes the pages according to their quality to determine which search terms this page should later be use for. Since Google is a text search engine. It mainly focuses on the website’s textual content.

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