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What is QuickBooks Desktop Error 40003 and how to fix it?

by Uneeb Khan
QuickBooks Error 40003

Sometimes, users may be faced with the error code 40003 in QuickBooks when they attempt to update their QB payroll. One reason for this error is possible to be due to damaged components in QuickBooks. If your firewall settings are not correct, this error could also occur. You must understand the causes of QuickBooks error 40003. This detailed tutorial will help you fix the error as quickly as possible.

Are you having trouble fixing QuickBooks error 40003? Don’t panic if you are experiencing problems fixing error 40003 QuickBooks on your own. Call our experts at the +1 (888) 704-1357 for all your questions. Our experts will give you the best tips to resolve the problem.

Reasons why QuickBooks Payroll Error 4003 Appears

The following pointers will help you to identify the causes of error code 40003 in QuickBooks.

  • It could happen because of damaged QuickBooks files or components.
  • It may also be caused by an internet interruption.
  • Another reason could be unfavorable firewall setting.

Best Possible Ways To Get Rid Of Error 40003 QuickBooks Desktop

Below are some easy ways to debug error 40004 QuickBooks Desktop. All the troubleshooting steps should be done exactly as described below.

Solution 1 Downloading of the Newly Launched QuickBooks Desktop

  • Next, tap on the QuickBooks Help menu to choose the Update QuickBooks Desktop option.
  • After that, choose the Update Now option. Make sure to check the Reset Update checkbox.
  • Move on to the Get Updates section.
  • So, the download process starts. Now wait for the process to finish. Keep the downloading window open until the downloading is complete.
  • After the download is completed, you can restart QBDT.
  • Move to the QuickBooks Help menu once more and select the Update QuickBooks Desktop option.
  • Select Overview, then click the Update Now Button.
  • Final step: Allow the updates installation to complete and relaunch the PC.

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Solution #2: Make Modifications to the Windows Firewall Setting

  1. Type “Windows Firewall” into the search box and press the Windows Key. Then choose the option to open another window.
  2. Select the Advanced Settings option, then move to Inbound rules. Next, click on it again and select the New Rule option.
  3. Click Program > Next > The Programme Path > Next.
  4. Choose one executable file to use with QuickBooks from the list. It is suggested that the same procedure be used for all listed QuickBooks files.
  5. Select the Next option, then choose the “Allow The Connection” button.
  6. Now, you will need to select all the files in this section and then choose Next.
  7. You are supposed to create and name this rule as “QBFirewallException(name.exe).”
  8. Follow the same steps as above to create Outbound Rules in order to apply the Outbound Rules to all.exe files within QB.
  9. Open QuickBooks Desktop by tapping on the File Menu and then clicking Switch to Multi-user mode.

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Wrap it up! !

Here’s the complete error code 40003 in QuickBooks. The issue can be resolved by checking your Internet connection. If the error persists after downloading the payroll updates you can call our executives at +1(888)-704-1357.

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