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What is Kylie Jenner Net Worth?

by Uneeb Khan
Kylie Jenner Net Worth

Kylie Jenner’s Net Worth?

American model and reality TV star Kylie Jenner is also a cosmetics mogul. Kylie Jenner is reportedly worth $750 million. Kylie’s annual income ranges from $40 million to $100 million.

Kylie Cosmetics is responsible for the bulk of Kylie Jenner’s wealth. Kylie completed the $600 million sale of 51% of her company to Coty Inc. in November 2019. With a total enterprise worth of $1.2 billion. The price dropped drastically in the months following the deal. After taxes, Kylie made somewhere around $340 million from the sale, but her 45% stake in the company is now worth significantly less. Kylie spent $130 million on multiple mansions and a private jet over the course of a year that included the sale.

Financial Milestones for Kylie Jenner

It was in November of 2011 when Kylie’s wealth was first documented by Celebrity Net Worth. We calculated that the fourteen-year-wealth old’s was $300,000 at the time. We bumped up our projection to $2,000,000 in June of 2013. Her fortune had doubled to $4 million by the middle of 2014.

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In July of 2016, she made her $10 million mark. Beginning in the middle of 2017, Kylie’s wealth began to increase rapidly. We estimated her wealth to be $50 million in June of 2017. We increased that sum to $200 million in July of 2018. In the middle of 2019, we put her wealth at between $300 and $400 million, with the majority coming from the value of Kylie Cosmetics. By the end of 2020, Kylie’s wealth was estimated at $650 million; by the end of 2021, it had increased to $700 million.

The Beginnings

Kylie Jenner entered the world on August 10, 1997, in L.A. She is the youngest child of Kris Jenner, a businesswoman, and Bruce Jenner, a former Olympic athlete (who is known today as Caitlyn Jenner). Kylie’s half-siblings are Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, and Brody Jenner, and her full-siblings are model Kendall Jenner and Kris, Rob, and Bruce Jenner. In the first episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which aired on E! on October 14, 2007, Kylie was only 10 years old. At this point in time, KUWTK has been airing longer than any other reality show in the history of the United States. Kylie was a typical preteen for several seasons of the show, going to school and participating in extracurricular activities like cheerleading. She started homeschooling in 2012 after dropping out of public school. In July of 2015, she graduated high school.

When it comes to money, how rich is Kylie Jenner? – NO.

Kylie Jenner was officially recognized as a billionaire by Forbes on November 18, 2019. After selling 51% of her cosmetics company to Coty Inc. for $600 million, Forbes reported that she became a billionaire. Coty Inc., the parent company of well-known cosmetics companies like CoverGirl and MaxFactor, has been experiencing recent financial difficulties. To this day, Kylie is still the face of the company. According to Forbes, her remaining 49% stake was valued at $588 million in the deal.

The Coty brand, which includes nail polish names like Clairol and OPI, has seen sales decline and executive turnover in recent years. Since 2016, when it bought a dozen cosmetics brands from Procter & Gamble, the stock price of the European company controlled by the investment firm JAB Ltd. has fallen by half.

She managed to persuade Coty Inc to pay an absurd 27X multiple of profits for the company, valuing it at $1.2 billion.

As a point of information, Facebook shares are trading at 26 times earnings. Profit multiple for Procter & Gamble is 24X. The stock price of Coty is equivalent to 18 times earnings.

Kylie is likely to be left with around $300 million after taxes are taken out of the $600 million gain on the sale. Since the specifics of the $600 million deal are still unclear, we can’t give a definitive answer at this time. Is that all you got? Stock? Incorporating elements of both? The answers to these questions will significantly affect her tax liability and her take-home pay from the deal. To add insult to injury, Coty anticipates the deal will not close until the third quarter of 2020.

Approximations of Wealth

For a long time, we at CelebrityNetWorth have been dubious of reports claiming Kylie is wealthy. It was estimated that she was worth between $150 and $200 million in the middle of 2018. Forbes reported in July that she was worth $900 million and set to become the youngest self-made billionaire in the world thanks to the success of her cosmetics line, Kylie Cosmetics. The identical numbers appeared to us, and we simultaneously realized they were almost certainly fabricated.

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According to that Forbes article from 2018, Kylie’s makeup empire is worth a cool $800 million. According to the article, Kylie’s business brought in $307 million in 2016, $330 million in 2017, and $100 million in profit in 2017. As the article pointed out, Kylie Cosmetics’ sales have been flat for some time. In reality, 2017’s total revenue grew by only 7%, coming in $70 million lower than forecast in the middle of the year. In addition, sales of her lip-kit were down 35% year over year.

At the time, we believed that a multiple of 4 times earnings would have been more appropriate, resulting in a valuation of the company of $400 million. If she had been the sole owner, she could have sold the company for around $260 million after paying taxes. As a result, we estimated Kylie’s wealth to be between $300 and $400 million in July of 2018.

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