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What body type looks good in joggers?

by Uneeb Khan

The athleisure/sportswear and now athluxury trend has brought up a whole new world of craziness and decision-making for all the fashionistas out there. As if we did not have much to consider, selecting the proper cut of jeans to pair with a cut-out sweater or the appropriate length of the skirt to team with that workwear blouse. Now we have to figure out which body types look good in stylish joggers for women, and what are flattering ways of styling joggers. 

Everyone loves wearing joggers though; you can think of them as stylish sweatpants, but they can be really hard to style and challenging to pair with different items and accessories. 

If you are struggling through the same, continue reading to learn how you can style your favourite joggers like a true fashionista! 

What Are Joggers?

The basic first is; What are joggers actually? Joggers for women originated as modern sweatpants. They generally have:

  • A waistband made of elastic/elasticated waist. 
  • Joggers feature roomy fit through the backside, hips and thighs.
  • They also feature a leg narrowing down to the elastic band, hugging the ankle gently. 

Clothing brands, designers, and manufacturers are now making a jogger silhouettes in various textiles or fabrics. Joggers are lightweight, comfortable, give an athletic look, and were meant to wear during exercise and workouts, as the athleisure trend made its way to style, there is a wide collection of stylish joggers for women available. 

Style Joggers For Different Occasions!

Now, these can be worn and styled for many occasions and events, casually or semi-formally, which means you can get joggers for play and work. 

The best part is that there is no limit to creativity while styling joggers; you just need to create an outfit in which each item stands out. 

Celebrities, Hollywood stars and Insta Fashion Influencers and Bloggers don joggers with a variety of footwear and statement jewellery, and look pretty good. 

Celebrities including Rihanna Rock the Joggers Style!

Rihanna is known for her versatile and distinctive voice, but how can we not talk about her fashion sense that blows everyone’s mind away every time she makes a public appearance? She loves playing with different clothing and accessories and comes up with a new look every time. She is also seen wearing joggers with high heels and statement jewellery. 

Though celebrities rock the jogger’s style, we recommend beginners and newcomers start with a very casual jogger outfit which is perfect for running quick errands stylishly and comfortably. 

What body type looks good in joggers?/ Wearing Joggers According To Your Body Type? 

Just like jeans and other clothing items, we have to figure out whether the jogger pants are well-suited to our body types or not. Just like there is a variety of women’s jeans available for every body shape, and each suits the respected body perfectly, there is not the same case for joggers. 

Joggers will look good on you if you have a straight body shape or you like highlighting your hips and thigh areas. The tapered leg highlights the attention to the angle of your body shape from the hips to the ankle. This might be a plus point and looks super cool if you want to highlight your curvy body, hips and thighs. 

Joggers Are Not For You If Your Thighs & Hips Are Problematic Areas Of Your Body!

As joggers draw attention to the curves, so, if your curves, hips and thighs are problematic areas of your body, joggers might not be for you. Many standard jogger sizes will look unflattering on your figure, making it the big NO for all the women whose preferences and style choices are similar to yours.  

Despite all that, there is a shopping tip for you when buying joggers. Look for a pair of joggers with a flowy, breathable, and lightweight fabric with a less prominent leg taper.  

Styling Joggers Like A True Fashionista! 

  • Style Joggers According To The Occasion
  • Wear Ankle Boots, Sneakers, Or Pointed-Toe Heels With Joggers
  • Opt For Tops in a Flowy Fabric, Lighter-weight and Soft Texture and Contrasting Colour. If you are wearing Khaki Joggers, you can choose a printed top in contrasting colours and put on sneakers.  
  • Tuck the Tops that Fall Past the Joggers’ Waistline. 
  • Team Your Joggers With a Fitted Hoodie, a Long and Sleek Cardigan & a Denim Jacket.

It’s entirely up to you if you want to wear high-waisted joggers, low-waisted ones, or other styles of stylish joggers for women. Style it right and slay those pretty bottoms. 

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