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What are the Womens Popular Glasses This Year

by Uneeb Khan

This year has produced a long list of womens popular glasses that are recommended by fashion experts and worn by celebrities around the world. Eyeglasses are great pieces of accessories that can either elevate your style or ruin it. If you are looking for a nice pair of glasses to wear at home, at work, or during your night outs, we got you covered. To know more check on womens golf sunglasses.

Cat Eye Glasses

One of the trendiest glasses that women can wear is cat-eye glasses. Cats symbolize power and femininity. If you can still remember the iconic look of Audrey Hepburn wearing cat-eye glasses, you can attest to the fact that these glasses convey elegance and prestige.

Any facial shape can wear cat eye glasses. You just need to find the right design for you. Oval-shaped and round-shaped faces can definitely pull off cat-eye glasses. Choose the style that has the same width as your face to create symmetry.

If you have a square face, you can opt for the winged style to soften your angular features.

Thick Rimmed Glasses

The thicker the glasses are, the bolder you are. But not all thick rims are in style this year. The chic design for thick-rimmed glasses is the geometric type. Some have hexagon-shaped eyeglass frames while others use the softer Hudson shape. Wear thick-rimmed glasses with your simple denim or with your cocktail dress for added style.

Oversized Chain Glasses

Gone are the days when only your grandparents wear chains on their eyeglasses. Bring the bling with oversized chain eyeglasses. This year’s trends include gold chains, silver chains, danglers, pearls, charms, and even whimsical chains. Even celebrities have worn chains with their glasses because of two reasons- convenience and fashion.

Clear Frame Glasses

One stylish and will never go out-of-style womens popular glasses is the clear frame. It is a trendy look to wear clear frame glasses because of their simplicity and elegance. You can also wear these glasses with almost any outfit. You can experiment and try to explore what clothes match well with clear frame glasses.

Large Round Glasses

Large round glasses offer a retro look for women. They are quirky and used as a chic accessory to any wardrobe. Because of the enormous round size, circular glasses fit people who have oval, diamond, or heart-shaped faces.

The perfectly round versions of eyeglasses also look hip and stylish. Pick a color that makes your face and eyes stand out.

Swarovski Glasses

If you want to dress to impress, Swarovski glasses are the way to go. They are very sparkly and are a fashion statement. You can go all out with these glasses because of their embellishments and stylish designs.

Retro Square Glasses

Retro square glasses are oversized and timeless. They have thick frames. You can use these glasses with pieces of denim, shirts, scarves, and jackets. It gives a vintage look to anyone who wants to stand out and look chic.

Aviator Glasses

Another type of womens popular glasses that will never go out of style is the aviator glasses. Whether you opt for the oversized ones or the flat aviator silhouette, aviator glasses are truly authentic pieces of accessories that are only upgraded to make them look edgier and more fashionable.

Retro Browline Glasses

Diamond-shaped faces can take advantage of stylish retro browline glasses. These glasses balance and create symmetry. The browline glasses that started to be in style in the 50s are now going back and updated to have a more modern look.

Tortoiseshell Glasses

As the name says, tortoiseshell glasses replicate the look of a typical shell of a tortoise. In the 70s, these glasses are made from actual shells. Today, eyeglass manufacturers only imitate the patterns but have used more eco-friendly materials like stained acetates.

Tortoiseshell glasses have various shapes and sizes. You should pick a pair of glasses that perfectly fits the shape of your face.

Lightweight Rimmed Glasses

If you want to keep things light, a set of thin-rimmed glasses will do it for you. These lightweight rimmed glasses offer a simple solution to a regular problem- heavy eyeglass frames. Thin rimmed glasses are made of lightweight materials which may be stainless steel, aluminum, magnesium, titanium, or beryllium.


Shopping for your next pair of glasses can be difficult. But our long list of womens popular glasses and our recommendation of who should wear them should help you narrow down your choices and pick the one that is best for your look. Make sure to consider the styles that we suggested and get the most comfortable and aesthetically pleasing eyeglass frame for you. You can get these trendy women’s eyeglasses from online eyeglasses shops. Enjoy shopping and have fun styling your whole outfit with the eyeglasses of your choice.

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