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What Are THE Most Frequently Asked Questions About Online Exhibitions?

by Uneeb Khan
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The virtual events industry boomed during the pandemic. A sudden global pandemic compelled many businesses or companies to adopt the digital platform for hosting events or for connecting with their audiences. Exhibitors all around the world have also welcomed the online platform for hosting exhibitions virtually. But with the ease in restrictions and lockdown, few businesses are gradually returning to the in-person world. However, due to the convenience and cost-effectiveness, many businesses are still selecting an online platform for exhibitions or other events. If you are the one who wants to invest in the virtual platform for hosting your exposition but is still in a dilemma between conventional and virtual exhibition, then believe our virtual events are here to stay for long, and their number will increase over time.

In this blog, we will explore some Frequently Asked Questions related to the online exhibition, which will be helpful for you in developing a clear understanding of the virtual exhibition. So let us directly start the blog.

 What is an Online Exhibition?

An online exhibition is a digital format of a conventional or in-person exhibition. Exhibitors use online for displaying or exhibiting their products and service to a large audience. A company uses online exhibitions to highlight its objective through Virtual exhibition software by promoting their product and services.

 What is a Virtual Exhibition Platform or Software?

Virtual exhibition platforms or software is the comprehensive web-based venue, in simple words, we can understand them like these are virtual spaces that enable an exhibitor to display his products to remote audiences or global audiences. 

How can I host a virtual Exhibition for Free?

Many virtual event platforms offer a free trial for hosting exhibitions virtually. You can select one of them, and using their free trial plan, you can successfully host a virtual exhibition. Some of the known platforms for hosting free virtual exhibitions include Mixhubb, Samaaro, Cvent, Vfair, etc.

What is the Need for a Virtual Exhibition?

  • Online exhibitions are a robust way to showcase the new products in your collection to a large spectrum of audiences from your desired location.
  • Moreover, Online exhibitions are not restricted by time constraints and can be hosted anytime from anywhere.
  • These are also affordable, convenient to host, and eliminate travel and other expenses.

How can I host a successful online exhibition?

For hosting a successful online exhibition you should consider the following tips:

Decide your goals of hosting the exhibition virtually

To make your exhibition stand out from the crowd, you should outline your goals and expectations for the exhibition. Are you hosting it for the generation of leads for your business? Do you want to showcase your new product to existing or new attendees? Whether you want to generate revenue from it? Whether you are looking for a way to engage your delegates while delivering the key objectives of the company? Whatever your purpose behind hosting an exhibition, just be clear about it. Moreover, deciding on goals also helps in planning the exhibition effectively. 

Effective planning:

After the goal, make an effective strategy for your exhibition. Plan everything, from the registration page to the exit of the last attendee, from interaction to the conversion. From the access of the exhibition to the networking features, and from the exhibitor booth to the sponsors. You should focus on every tiny detail to make the event successful. 

Select Platform Carefully:

Leverage on the right technology is mandatory to conduct a successful virtual exhibition. Among so many online exhibition software go for that one, which enables you to organize customizable virtual exhibition booths, exhibition halls, and lobbies. And also, offers you dynamic interactive and engagement features like chat, polls, quizzes, gamification, survey, and contests to help you in keeping attendees engaged. Along with these features, it should also offer you tools to analyze and monitor the data of the event.

Enable Attendees and Delegates to Access the Content Easily:

Enable your global delegates and attendees the ease of accessing your content. Make sure delegates can examine the content in detail, and you can also provide them with an external website link for a better understanding of the content. Allow attendees to download, review, and save the documents or other collateral. 

Interactive Floor :

Design an interactive floor with logos of the brand. So that attendees can click on the logo and seamlessly land in the branded virtual booth. Interactive floors let attendees access the stands of all the exhibitors, and decide where they would like to spend their quality time

Analytics and Follow-ups.

 Track the digital footprints of the attendees, it will help you in tracking the record of attendees present. It will help you in preparing an analytic report about the event. Also, don’t forget to send follow-up emails to the attendees, asking them for their valuable feedback about the exhibition.

How can you boost attendees’ engagement in virtual exhibitions?

The following features and activities can be used for keeping the attendees engaged:

  • Gamification
  • Virtual photo booths
  • Pegboard Challenge
  • Pledge wall
  • Social wall
  • Contest and Quiz 
  • Perks for winner

What does a virtual museum exhibit mean?

An online museum is a digital space where you can find a collection of all the images, sound files, and text documents. Along with this, data related to culture, history, and science, and the data is accessed through a digital medium. 

What things should I consider while preparing for an online exhibition?

  • Research
  • Budget
  • Tech-friendly online exhibition platform
  • Marketing
  • Virtual booth designs
  • Feedback

Gone are the days when exhibitions were only restricted to people who can afford to travel for visiting exhibition halls. Moreover, the online exposition has made it convenient for all to attend the exhibition from their desired location. 

. Online exhibitions have many advantages that are mentioned above, but still, a few of us have some questions that we want to ask, but we don’t know where to ask. In this blog, we have picked the most popular frequently asked questions and have also provided their answers.


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