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What Are the Best Scented Candles for Spring?

by Uneeb Khan

Spring has finally arrived! And who doesn’t like this season? With longer days, warmer weather, and flowers in bloom, there is no better season to rouse us from our winter slumber. Why not reflect the brighter, warmer, and more energizing weather in the way your fragrance your home?

It is now officially time to transfer from the cozy, comforting odors of winter to the fresh, flowery scents of spring! We have compiled a selection of our favorite scented candles for spring. They are certain to get you in the mood for the season’s imminent arrival.

Winter was long, cold, and depressing, but the actual start of spring has finally arrived. It may be too early to switch out all of our sweaters and coats for sundresses and sandals, but now is the ideal moment to herald in the new season with a simple house swap. Take this as a hint to ignite a new, spring-inspired fragrance in your house immediately.

Finding the ideal house scent is a matter of personal preference, but there are so many gorgeous possibilities that represent spring’s arrival. Some people enjoy the delicate fragrance of flowers, while others love earthy and herbaceous aromas or zesty citrus perfume. Spring is all about new beginnings, so embrace the season with a revitalizing candle to improve your attitude and environment immediately. Listed here are the greatest candles to burn right now, including flowery, fruity, fresh, and woodsy scents that can instantly enliven any area.

What Are Springtime Aromas for Candles?

Spring perfumes are all about embracing the new season and appreciating nature. Due to the wide variety of flowers that Mother Nature has given for us to enjoy, floral fragrances are highly popular. At the beginning of spring, adding a touch of Nordic Rose or Japanese Cherry Tree flower to your house is a great way to improve your rooms.

Fresh aromas, such as the scent of freshly cut grass, often conjure childhood memories of spring and finally being allowed to play outdoors after a long winter. Rain-inspired fragrances are also popular due to their refreshing character, similar to that of April showers on hot days.

Our Favorite Scented Candles for Spring 2022

Now is the best moment to bring your house out of its winter slumber by lighting aromas with livelier notes. Here, we’ve compiled some of our favorite scented candles bursting with clean, fresh notes and floating flowery smell to infuse your homes with uplifting, springtime-appropriate energy.

Skandinavisk Hav

HAV was one of the earliest scented candles made by the Scandinavian firm Skandinavisk, and it has been updated for 2019 with a richer, more complex fragrance. Inspired by the Scandinavian shoreline, this scent has notes of rose and hawthorn and is crisp, chilly, and salty. The wooden cover on the frosted glass jar prevents the wax from collecting dust while it is not in use. In addition, the line now has a Flaxseed Body Scrub that is both an excellent exfoliator and a nutritious moisturizer and smells similarly lovely.

DS & Durga Big Sur after Rain

The Brooklyn-based perfume firm creates perfumes that trigger powerful emotions or experiences using an innovative and artistic approach. The end product is candles unlike anything else we’ve seen: a portable fireplace (reminiscent of a smoky blaze), the tomb of the eagles (inspired by the ancient cliff-top ruins of Orkney), and our springtime favorite, Big Sur after rain. Its full-bodied, moist eucalyptus aroma conjures up ideas of driving down the Californian coastline with the warm sun on your face after a rainstorm.

Muji Big Tin Candle Jasmine and Olive

This little tin fills the room with a strong but not overwhelming aroma within minutes after burning. Muji’s candles are among the few at a budget price range that can compete in terms of intensity with more expensive brands. Elegant fragrant jasmine is what you can mix with green olive with a hint of woodiness. This candle burns for around 30 hours, significantly less than the other, more costly candles we’ve selected.

Laboratory Perfumes Perfumed Samphire Candle

This candle represents a vigorous stroll across the English countryside. Lavender, rosemary, and basil comprise the fragrance’s heart, with juniper, amber, and oak moss serving as its base. It is a nicely balanced, mild, earthy fragrance. A small cork coaster is included to protect the surface underneath your burning candle.

Boy Smells LES

This Los Angeles-based company specializes in generating perfumes. They are neither masculine nor feminine, despite what the phrase “boy smells” may conjure up. LES is the ideal illustration since its name is derived from the French plural article used for both men and women. It smells delicious and luscious, with aromas of blackcurrants, peach blossom, cardamom, and cedar. The packaging’s black and millennial pink color scheme will also look nice on your coffee table.

Lime basil and mandarin by Jo Malone London

The hallmark fragrance of the premium fragrance brand is both energizing and calming, with citrus, basil, and warm wood notes. This candle ranked highest in terms of how long the perfume remained after we extinguished the flame; we could smell it in the corridor outside our front door.

Kiss the Moon

Kiss the Moon was created in the English countryside, and all of its goods are intended to promote rest. Glow is an uplifting, comforting, and warm fragrance, ideal for unwinding or a night in. Orange, litsea (a citrus shrub used in traditional Chinese medicine to “calm the mind and soul”), and geranium mix to create a spa-like smell that is neither overpowering nor overwhelming.


Rejoice! The sun is wearing a hat, and spring has arrived. On your daily walks, you may have noticed the change of seasons more than ever this year. You can see the flowers bursting into bloom. Also, you may observe the emerging leaves on once barren branches. You will see the increased vigor of singing birds – and it all seems a little magical. Spring is an excellent time to refresh your senses by introducing new scents into your house.

As winter’s short, dark days begin to lengthen, it’s time to ditch the warm, heavy, enveloping aromas of patchouli, orange, and amber in favor of something lighter, fresher, and more energizing; the candle equivalent of an invigorating stroll down the coast to shake off the cobwebs.

Many candles, typically but not always the cheapest ones you see in candle packaging supplies wholesale, smell beautiful when you sniff them in the store, but their aroma is not strong enough to fill your house when lighted. In addition to having pleasant aromas, our choices are very powerful. It means you don’t need to burn them as long to release the fragrance, making them more cost-effective.

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