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What are the Benefits of Starting Education at Age Three?

by Uneeb Khan
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The initial years of a child’s life are crucial for brain development. By age three, 80% of their brain is developed. During this time, children are like sponges, soaking up further information and experiences that shape how they think, feel, and interact with the world around them. It can benefit them if they start their formal education at this age.

Starting school at age three can offer a range of benefits for young children. Here are seven key ways that starting kindergarten school at age three can be beneficial:

1. Fundamental learning 

One significant benefit of getting an Indian school admission at age three is the opportunity to develop foundational skills. Reading and writing are fundamental skills that every child requires. The earlier they are introduced to these concepts, the better for them.

2. Early exposure to socialisation

Another key benefit of starting school at age three is allowing children to interact with their peers and learn social skills. It can be especially important for children who may not have had many opportunities to interact with other kids outside their homes.

3. Development of independence

Self-confidence is one of the major aspects of kids’ growth. They will soon learn the importance of independence and develop self-confidence when they start early. Children learn to believe in their skills and judgment as they navigate the classroom and make their own choices.

4. Time to adjust to the school environment

We all undergo certain processes to be ready for any challenges of life. Similarly, kids learn to face challenges and overcome them when they enter a healthy competitive school environment. Early exposure to a Kindergarten school can help them be comfortable with changes.

5. Early exposure to structured learning

Starting school at age three can give children early exposure to structured learning and classroom routines. In addition, it can help build necessary foundational skills and prepare them for more formal education.

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6. Exposure to a range of subjects

Beginning the Indian school admission process at age three can provide children with early exposure to various subjects, including math, science, and language arts. In addition, it can help to spark their curiosity and love of learning.

7. Opportunity to go beyond conventional learning

Schools incorporate several other subjects in their curriculum, such as music, art, or physical education. These activities can round out a child’s education and support their overall development. Also, it will fill vibrant colours in their educational journey.

8. Convenient for parents

For some parents, sending their children to school at age three can be convenient. It can also allow parents to continue their professional development or pursue other personal interests. They can be sure their young learner is in safe hands and learning good things.

9. Knowing the world around them

Finally, starting at age three also allows children to learn about the world around them. Through hands-on activities, children can explore science, social studies, and other subjects in a fun and engaging way. They can learn about animals, plants, the natural world, and social concepts such as community, culture, and history.

Final Thoughts 

Starting school at age three can offer a range of benefits for young learners. From early socialization to exposure to structured learning and extra-curricular activities. Starting school at this age can help to support a child’s overall development and prepare them for future challenges. While every child is unique, starting school at age three can be a valuable experience for many young children and their families.

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