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by Yasir Asif

Distributor of gas, welding & other types of hoses. Features flame, oil & ozone resistance as well as coil coupled assemblies available in popular sizes.

Welding hoses are used to transport fuel gases to welding torch applications and can be identified by their connection size – “A” size fittings being specifically for use with acetylene applications and “B” fittings being for oxygen and inert gas applications.

Grade R Twin Welding Hose

Grade R twin welding hose is an affordable choice for use with acetylene fuel gas, but is unsuitable for other fuel sources such as LPG, propane, natural gas or propylene as their oil content may cause dry rot over time.

Non-blooming tubes minimize migration of combustible waxes or plasticizers on hose surfaces, and their multiple plies of textile reinforcement provide strength and kink resistance. Furthermore, factory assembled and tested hose assemblies are also available in popular configurations.

Grade T Twin Welding Hose

This hose was specifically created and recommended for acetylene gas and oxygen use, featuring flame and oil resistance in its tube & cover material, non-blooming properties to minimize migration of combustible waxes onto its surface, as well as popular assembly configurations.

This premium 25ft twin welding hose is suitable for most fuel gases as well as acetylene. Featuring both internal and external neoprene coverings to resist breakdown from oil-based fuel gases.

Grade C Twin Welding Hose

Grade C twin welding hose is designed for oxygen and acetylene welding applications, featuring a non-blooming tube to minimise migration of combustible oils, while being oil, flame and ozone resistant.

It can withstand up to 200 PSI, with green representing oxygen and red for fuel gases. Sold factory assembled and with brass fittings on both ends.

Grade B Twin Welding Hose

Grade R welding hose is intended for use with acetylene only (it doesn’t last as well with LPG, propane, natural gas or propylene). Both its tube and cover are flame and oil resistant for added safety.

This premium chemically bonded dual hose assembly features brass non-sparking permanent crimp fittings with 200 psi working pressure and non-blooming tube to reduce migration of combustible waxes; multiple plies of textile reinforcement reinforce it for strength & kink resistance.

Grade C Single Welding Hose

Grade C single welding hoses are specifically designed to transport different fuel gases (lp, propane, natural gas & propylene) as well as acetylene safely and conveniently. Their red covers indicate which fuel it contains.

PU tubing offers exceptional flexibility, kink resistance and abrasion resistance compared to other forms of tubing. Furthermore, it can withstand higher pressure levels than most types of tubing and is safe to use around oxygen and other flammable gases.

Grade D Single Welding Hose

Gas welding equipment typically includes oxygen and fuel gases (held separately in individual cylinders) connected by two pressure regulators and a flexible hose with an attached torch, all attached by pressure regulators to two pressure regulators, connected to each other via pressure regulators and flexible hose. It’s often carried around on wheels.

Micro-Start technology facilitates stable low current welding without SCR assistance when output current falls below 2 amps, leading to improved welding performance.

Grade D Twin Welding Hose

Grade R hose is economical and suitable for acetylene gas use; however, new fuel gases like propane may dry rot its oils into dry rot within one year. Grade T is more costly but its tube and cover provide flame and oil resistance.

Premium twin line welding hose designed to transport alternate fuels like LPG, propane, natural gas and propylene along with acetylene. Cover resists flame, oil and ozone exposure.

Grade F Single Welding Hose

Grade F single welding hoses provide all the advantages of twin line assemblies in an assembly that only includes one hose: oxygen travels down its green tube while red transports acetylene directly to your torch.

This heavy-duty hose stands up to external abuse with its fluted cover and heavy reinforcement. It features a tube resistant to abrasion, heat, mild chemicals and ozone; plus premium quality AA fittings.

Grade F Twin Welding Hose

Long ago, welding hose has been underrated and mistreated, becoming step on, driven on, or spilled on repeatedly.

These factory-fabricated hose assemblies come in popular configurations for quick delivery, featuring black tubes and covers that are flame, oil and weather resistant; their non-blooming tubes help prevent migration of plasticizers and waxes into combustible zones; plus resistance against kinks and pressure.

Grade G Single Welding Hose

A welder’s hose performs an essential service by providing oxygen and fuel gases to their torch while keeping them separate.

New fuel gases run at higher pressure than acetylene, creating different effects on rubber welding hoses.

Micro-Start TIG technology provides steady, low current welding to eliminate high frequency interference and produce quality welds on thin materials consistently and quality welds on thin materials.

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