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We Tell You How To Approach A Kitchen Installation Project From Scratch

by Uneeb Khan

If your passion is DIY and your next challenge is installing kitchens, we are going to tell you how to start your first project. The first step knows that modern kitchen installation is based on modules of standardized sizes. These together with others of special size complete and adapt to the variable dimensions of the different rooms in the kitchen.

Learning to assemble these modules is the basis of this type of project. At Jacobsen Byg we can help you with our tips to set up and succeed with your first kitchen. Keep in mind that we are a kitchen furniture manufacturing company with more than 15 years of experience.

You dare?

The second step knows how to distinguish the types of modules and the measurements you need. The base modules have height-adjustable legs and have doors, drawers or pan drawers. In some of them the sink, oven or dryer can be installed. The tall modules usually have doors or cabinets and inside they usually have shelves to place the glasses, for example. You also have the possibility of choosing wall units that house dish drainers or extractor hoods.

You can even add to your design column furniture that has height-adjustable legs and also usually has shelves. In some of this furniture you can place brooms, pantries and even refrigerators.

To complete your kitchen you will have to assemble other elements such as corner cabinets or bottle racks. Once all the modules have been assembled, you will have to add the drawers, the shelves and the doors for which you will need the useful hinges. As a final point, you have to put the handles to be able to open the doors and drawers and the plinth that serves to hide the adjustable legs.

To assemble elements such as the sink, the electrical appliances or the light holders, you will surely have to Tømrerfirma with the Jacobsen Byg team. We will be happy to help you with the installation project of your first kitchen.

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