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Washing Machine Panels Symbols Guide And Repair Service

by Uneeb Khan
Washing Machine Panels And Repair Service

What do the symbols on the washing machine indicate? Here is a general explanation of their meaning. It will surely be useful for you to know what the different symbols on the washing machine correspond to, so as not to make mistakes in the washing program and avoid problems with your device. If you still having trouble with your washing machine and needs a washing machine repair service expert. You can quickly make a call to us.

Symbols on the washing machine: detergent and fabric softener

The washing machine symbols include those for the detergent and fabric softener compartment. For laundry, some appliances have a pre-wash section (symbol resembling a capital I ): this is where you need to put the stain removers, or an extra dose of detergent. There is also the double I (II) for the part reserved for the detergent , liquid or powder
The flower indicates the fabric softener part . In the fabric softener tray is often the inscription “MAX” , indicating the maximum dose of product to insert.

Symbols on the front of the washing machine: what do they represent?

On the control panel of the device, digital or otherwise, there are the symbols reserved for the washing programs , which vary depending on the brand and model. Among the symbols of common programs, which you need to know to

A cotton flower, for the cotton program

  • A vial, for the mixed and synthetic laundry program, in polyamide and polyester
  • A ball, for the wool program
  • A butterfly for washing silk and delicate textiles

Two sheets, for the ecological program: setting the temperature to 20°C indicates a low-temperature wash cycle; combined with minutes, it indicates energy saving due to short and efficient programs for small loads

A flask and a t-shirt, signal the program for mixed and colored laundry

  • A snowflake, for cold water
  • A basin with a hand, for hand washing.
  • A key, for the child lock/child safety lock
  • An iron, for the easy iron program
  • A bowl with a water jet, for the rinsing-only program
  • A cloud of steam for the program of the same name
  • A basin with a downward arrow, for emptying water
  • The mention “Pre” for the pre-wash option
  • Among the symbols for special parts, note:
  • The duvets function (maxi-capacity)
  • The Baby 60° program
  • The setting for jeans

Among Hoover washing machines and H-WASH 500 models, you will also find specific programs such as:

All in one (59 minutes at 40°), a quick wash program, allowing items of different materials and colors to be washed together (except delicate ones) at full load.

Quantity And Load Types

The followings are the quantity and load types of your washing machine repair service.

  • Kg mode, for which the device detects the quantity and type of load and adapts the washing accordingly
  • Care 14-30-44′ (14, 30 or 44 minutes at 30°), a fast and effective but ecological wash
  • Allergy care (79 minutes at 60°) for deep cleansing and sanitizing and antiallergic action
  • Fresh care (39 minutes at 30°), indicated by a t-shirt and a burst of steam, for garments refreshed by steam
  • Soft care (59 minutes at 20°), ideal for the maintenance and care of delicate textiles and silk
  • Fitness (29 minutes at 40°) washes your sportswear and protects synthetic fibers
  • Auto Care, is more flexible to meet more varied requirements and load types.

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