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Valley of Flowers Trek: Beginners Guide

by Uneeb Khan
Valley of Flowers


The perplexing stroll through the Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand offers views of the vibrant color of flowers and the bouquet of perfume released by flowering petals. It is the perfect trekking journey for all nature lovers who want to mix their love of the outdoors with the thrill of exploring remote trails that reflect the magnificence of the natural world. The fanatical trip to Govindghat’s base camp for the Valley of Flowers Trek begins in the enchanted city of Haridwar. The journey starts here and leads through the enchanting cities of Ghangaria and Hemkund, where it ends at the Valley of Flowers, the place of dreams. The lush landscape welcomes you with colorful vegetation set against a backdrop of snow-capped mountains. Witness the earth’s paradise with a profusion of alpine blooms that will hypnotize your senses. The Valley of Flowers, designated as a UNESCO world heritage site, is a mysterious place unless seen firsthand.

Valley of flowers 

The Valley of Flowers is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because it is home to 300 different types of flowers and is located at an elevation of 12,654 feet or 3858 meters. On a sunny day, the towering wildflowers are a wonderful sight, undulating in the wind and framed by stunning glaciers.

The Story Behind The Floral Valley

The discovery of Valley of Flowers has a very intriguing backstory. While returning from Mount Kamet in 1931, British mountaineers Frank Smythe, R. Holdsworth, and Eric Shipton got lost in the area and ended up at the Valley of Flowers.

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They chose the name Valley of Flowers for this area because they were mesmerized by its beauty. In reality, Smythe wrote a novel titled “The Valley of Flowers” following his return.

Getting To The Valley Of Flowers

It is seldom easy to go to a spot that is so exquisitely natural. The Valley of Flowers is most easily accessible “by road” from Pulna Village. The distance between Govind Ghat, where the walk begins, and Pulna Village, on the Ghangaria (base camp) route, is around 3 kilometers.

By Air: 

Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun is the nearest airport, and Delhi has many daily flights there. The motorable roads, however, only extend up to Govind Ghat.

By train: 

Rishikesh has the closest railway station, although there are only motorable road connections up to Govind Ghat. From here, you may use buses and cabs to get to Govindghat.

By Vehicle: 

Govind Ghat is the nearest point to Valley of Flowers which can be reached by road. To do this, you must go from Dehradun/Haridwar to Joshimath and then another hour to Govind Ghat.

There is a base camp at Ghangaria after a 13 km journey from Govind Ghat in difficult terrain. A brand-new, 4-kilometer motorable road now connects Govind Ghat to Pulna village. Thus, the hike is now just approximately 4 kilometers long.

Let’s go more to learn how to get there:

Route from Delhi to Haridwar or Dehradun, each of which is around 237 kilometers away:

You can choose a cab or a bus. Private cabs cost INR 2500, and Volvo buses have a starting rate of INR 500.

From Haridwar To Joshimath Route

About 290 kilometers must be traveled, and it takes 10 to 11 hours. You can choose a cab or a bus. Bus fares begin at INR 700, and private cab fares begin at INR 4000.

Govind Ghat To Joshimath Route

It takes around an hour to travel the 20 kilometers. You can choose a cab or a bus.

Private cabs cost around INR 800, and buses cost about INR 20.

Accessing Govind Ghat 

Only roads are available to get to Govind Ghat. The trek’s starting point is Govind Ghat. However, you may now take a shared cab for INR 350–400 instead of walking 4 km from Govind Ghat to Pulna village because there is a new motorable road there.

In Pulna, drivers and cyclists can leave their cars.

At the trailhead, there are frequently many mules and porters available. It is recommended to leave your bags at Govind Ghat and only bring what you need for your trek.

The Govt. Of Ghat To Ghana (Via Pulna)

Two choices are available. You can either hike the 14 kilometers from Govind Ghat to Ghangaria,

Trek for approximately 10 kilometers and 5 hours from Pulna to Ghangaria (base camp). A 4-kilometer motorable road currently connects Govind Ghat with Ghangaria via the hamlet of Pulna. So you can opt to hike from Ghangaria and reduce the distance by a few kilometers.

It’s an easy to moderate hike to Ghangaria. Do not be concerned; the trail is well-maintained and the slope is moderate. The path alternately has sun and shade.

Ghangaria To Beautiful Flower Valley

The base camp for the captivating Valley of Flowers hike is at Ghangaria. From here, it is only a 3–4 mile hike to the stunning Valley. Two routes take roughly 6-7 hours.

A picturesque bridge crosses a brook that is running below a kilometer into the gate. After a few kilometers of walking on a level trail, the valley opens up to your right. From whatever angle, the sight is breathtaking!

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