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My Printer Driver Does Not Install Properly When a USB Cable Is Plugged Into My Computer

by Uneeb Khan
My Printer Driver Does Not Install Properly When a USB Cable Is Plugged Into My Computer

Simply connecting the USB connection to various devices, like keyboards and mice, forces a PC to install drivers for the connected device.

When attaching the printer to your computer, if you encounter a Printer Not Found error, there may be a USB or cable problem at play.

However, most printers do not support this kind of automated installation. You need to install the printer’s drivers before plugging it in. This may prevent the computer from recognizing the proper drivers later.

You should first delete the problematic installation in order to bring your workplace printer working again.

The necessary drivers are automatically installed when you connect a modern printer to a PC.

However, this procedure may occasionally go wrong, in which case you will need to take further steps to resolve the problem.

If your printer wasn’t installed and recognized right away when you connected it, take the procedures below tofix the USB C port not working on Windows 10.

Quick and Easy Fixes to Solve the Printer Problem

Below are some of the practical solutions you can apply to your system to solve this issue.

Use the printer software.

Some printers include proprietary software and an installation CD that may be necessary for the printer to function. The printer’s manufacturer developed the software to expand its capabilities, potentially by including tools like document scanners or photo editors.

If your printer contains a software package, always make sure to install it before connecting the printer to the computer.

Even after correctly installing the software your PC does not recognize the printer, check the cords.

Install the drivers

Installing the drivers from the printer manufacturer’s CD is always the first thing you should do when configuring a new printer. When to connect the printer to the computer will frequently be specified during installation.

If you have run the setup disc and your system has recognized the USB connector, then look for the drivers. Your Windows system should have appropriate drivers available.

Instead of utilizing the install DVD, which might be out-of-date, to prevent any additional errors, you should obtain the most recent drivers from the company’s website.

Fix the broken installations

Windows may try to install a printer even if the drivers aren’t functional if you plug in a printer before installing the drivers. Hence, even if the user gets the correct drivers later, the PC won’t recognize them.

Hit the “Windows-X” key and select the “Device Manager” option to launch Device Manager before attempting to resolve this error. Search for anything with the designation “Unknown Device” and a query mark. Perform a right-click on the option and select the Uninstall option.

Reconnect the printer after unplugging it and installing the drivers.

Update the drivers

You can access the device driver that comes with your printer or gets a driver online by using the Windows “Add New Hardware Wizard” or “Add Printer Wizard” on newer versions.

You might have installed a faulty or out-of-date driver if the printer still needs to operate after you installed the driver.

Printers frequently update their drivers because they may provide a security concern. Hence, your device’s most recent and appropriate printer driver will help you to safeguard your PC.

If Windows is unable to find the proper driver from its producer’s list, it may occasionally download a generic device driver for the printer. A generic driver could be to blame for the Printer Not Recognizing the problem.

Check the ports and cables.

The host PC and printer may stop communicating as a result of a bad cable connection. Check all the cable connections including the main power supply of your printer.

If your printer doesn’t work properly even after connecting it with a good wire, then switch to another USB port.

When you install the printer’s drivers prior, but the system still won’t download them when you connect them, one of the parts might be faulty.

Before connecting the USB cord, verify that the printer is turned on. Change the USB cord you’re using, and connect it to a new USB port on the computer.

Instead of connecting the printer to a hub or keyboard’s USB port, connect the printer directly to the computer. If your system still needs to identify the printer, there may be a problem with the printer only.


To conclude, this article includes some troubleshooting methods to fix your printer driver if it is not appropriately installed on your computer. We hope this guide proves helpful to you.

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