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Types of Waterproof Cover Options for Your Pergola

by Uneeb Khan

A pergola is an interesting structure that can add magic to your outdoor space. You might have got attracted to buying the property because the pergola made it look outstanding. But as you took possession of the house, you noticed that the rain or the extreme sun is causing hindrance in spending quality family time under it. Now, you are looking for ways to cover it permanently or make a temporary arrangement. Here are some options you can consider if you are looking for waterproof covers for your pergola.

  • Canvas cover

Installing a formal canopy on the top of the structure or under the eaves will cost you some money. The material canvas itself is not expensive, but the process of installation is. Canvas gained popularity when it was used to make tents. It becomes a waterproof material when it is treated to become one. Usually, these covers come with a retractable system that allows them to slide over your pergola when you want it and roll back in position when you decide to keep it uncovered. 

  • Vinyl cover

A vinyl pergola shade cover has become popular among those looking for budget-friendly temporary options because of its versatility. You get several color options. On one hand, clear vinyl covers serve the purpose of covering, and on the other, they do not restrict the wonderful view of the azure sky. They allow light to pass through them and, at the same time, give protection against rains. 

  • Tarp cover

Those days are gone long when by a tarp; people meant the blue, unattractive, plastic-made enormous sheets that we usually used to cover outdoor equipment. With the advancement of technology, even tarps have also got a makeover. It is a temporary covering arrangement that will last at least three to five years. The tarp is a tear-resistant, high-tensile, waterproof fabric. You also get different color choices. Clear tarps with high durability (almost give you the feel of a vinyl cover) are also available in the market. 

  • Corrugated fiberglass

If you are looking for a DIY option, then installing corrugated fiberglass onto the beams (horizontal) of the pergola can work for you. As these fibreglasses come in light-colored or clear panels, they let in the light. This option is relatively inexpensive, but the only drawback is that once you have placed them, you cannot take them down whenever you please. So, if you are searching for something which you can use as a pergola cover when needed and also uncover the structure when you want to, then this option is not for you. 

  • Conclusion

Most of these options can be customized to fit your needs. The size, shape, and color variants are many. You usually get rust-free grommets fitted along the side of the cover to keep it in place. Now it entirely depends on you to choose the best possible pergola shade cover. First, decide the main reasons for which you want to install it. Then, decide whether you want to opt for a retractable one because the cost depends on this factor to a great extent. If you want to go for the customizable ones, make sure to find out what the available options are for you to select from. 

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