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Turkey Visa Requirements for Australian Citizens

by Junaid Awan
Turkey Visa Requirements for Australian Citizens

Turkey is an exquisite country filled with incredible attractions and landmarks. Home to a vibrant culture, incredible history, and stunning architectural legacy – its vibrant cities boasting gardens and mosques are beloved destinations by not only Australians but foreign visitors as well.


Australian citizens traveling to Turkey require a valid travel visa before embarking on their adventure.

Australian residents looking to travel to Turkey currently have two options when applying for a visa permit; either applying online for an electronic visitor visa through the Turkey Visitor visa system or traditional method with their country’s Embassy located here in Australia.


What Is Turkey E-visa (Turkey E-Visa)

An electronic visa of Turkey (also referred to as Turkey electronic passport) is a legal document that grants entry into Turkey from countries qualifying for one. Individuals in those countries may obtain such an electronic visa by filling out an application online and fulfilling its requirements.

How can Australian tourists obtain a Turkey travel visa for tourism purposes?

Applying for a Turkish visa is easy and straightforward. Australian applicants can submit applications online from Australia within minutes; follow these steps below:

Step one is to complete an online Turkey visa application form.

Register and login at turkeyimmigration.org before filling out an online application form with the required details for Australian applicants to immigrate. In this section, Australians need to enter Visa information (Number visa type of visa processed, and Processing time) along with personal data (Full Name, Birthdate and Nationality; Passport number; date when travel).

Step 2: Request confirmation of your request and the requirements for documents.

Australian applicants should ensure they verify all of the information they provided in step one before moving forward with stage two and three of applying, to avoid delays caused by missing or inaccurate details. Once done, Australians select their payment method before filling out and submitting a secure payment form.

Step 3: Receive Turkey Visa

Turkey visa applications and issuing are processed digitally. An email notification confirming all information as well as providing deadline information will be sent directly to applicants’ email addresses.

Step 4: On arrival, obtain a Turkey visa stamped into your passport.

Australian citizens applying for a Turkish e-Visa should print out their confirmation as part of the process for entering Turkey with an approved e-Visa and stamp, in case immigration officials need it upon their arrival at an airport. Once in Turkey with their approved visa stamps, they may place them directly on their passports for collection on departure.

Tracking Turkey E-Visa Status

GIS offers an online Turkey visa service that features a “Check status” function to assist with keeping track of where your personal Turkey visa stands online. However, this feature is only accessible to users of GIS services.

Fill in your information on the form provided, and in just 30 minutes you will have received email verification that you are an official visa holder.

Documents required for Australian citizens seeking Turkish visas

Business or tourism-related reasons.

Australian citizens traveling to Turkey require at least six months (180 days) of validity in their passports from the date of travel. At least two unusable pages must also be included to allow stamp verification.

Notification of the outcome of your Turkish E Visa application requires providing a valid email address.

Visa requires both a credit and debit card for payment purposes.

Costs associated with Turkey visas for Australian residents

This Turkey tourist visa price includes two fees.

Turkey Government and Administrative Fees This amount must be paid to Turkey Immigration Department when processing an e-Visa application.

GIS charges you the Visa Service Fee as the cost for its services, such as providing assistance with Turkey visas, gathering the documents required for applications, reviewing them for accuracy, and providing you with the results of applications, etc…

The cost of the visa process will also depend on how quickly it takes. If you need your Turkish E visa quickly, select a rush package with an application deadline of only five minutes; however, please be aware that its price will likely exceed that of regular packages.

Cost for services will depend on which package of service is selected; we currently provide three packages depending on processing times:

Normal processing: Receive approval of your visa within three working days.

Urgent visa processing: Get an e-visa within 24 hours!

Urgent processing requires additional payment to ensure your visa will be processed as quickly as possible. You must pay more in order for it to be expedited quickly.

Australian travelers visiting Turkey should also consider purchasing travel insurance to give themselves added peace of mind on their trip and cover transportation and medical costs should unexpected events arise. With just a modest cost you could find greater comfort with your journey while benefiting from protection in case unexpected events arise during travels.

What are the advantages of using GIS services for online Turkey visa applications?

Completely electronic application process and visa received via email.

Fast Visa Processing: Guests will have their visas approved within hours.

Priority services include rush visas as well as Super urgent.

Turkish Visas can be applied for and received at airports, land borders, and ports of ships.

Thanks for reading our article on Turkey visa conditions for Australian citizens. If you still have questions or would like to book our services, don’t hesitate to contact our 24/7 and free support team via chat on the channel, hotline, or email – they are all waiting!

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