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Trekking company is a word that all adventures are aware of. This is the most searched text among the trekking community. Since trekking is an adventure travel and involves certain risks, trekkers are worried and quite choosy in selecting the trekking company. They want the best trekking company to choose for their next trek. This is quite an essential aspect of your pre-trek preparations. Finding a good trekking company could be tiring at times. However, once you have settled with a good trekking company, your experience of trekking is safe and quiet without any bothering.

A trekking company is a registered company that is involved in the business of conducting trekking tours. Trekking comes under adventure travel in India. Hence a company should bea registered adventure travel company.

In this blog, we will explain some of the key elements in choosing the best trekking company for your treks anywhere in India or outside.

Registration of the Company

A trekking company has to be a registered adventure travel company. One should never go trekking with a leisure tour company. A genuine trekking company will have all the resources needed for the trek. One must check the license and registration of the company.

Experience of the Company

Once you have known about the adventure license of the company, make sure that the company is currently involved in trekking. There are many trekking companies, that started as trekking companies but then switched to tour and travel. Make sure they are active in organizing treks. One should also check for how long they are organizing the treks. A decade is a pretty good time to be your assurity of the company’s reliability.

Local Company

You should always prefer the local trekking company. Being local, they are more aware of the terrain and trail. They are more equipped in knowledge when it comes to route, mapping, and most importantly rescue and emergency evacuation.

Guide Vs Company

One should always choose a company over a guide organizing your trek. With the company you’re safe. A trekking company is answerable for the safety of trekkers before the government and regulatory bodies, however, a guide is not liable for anything like that. A company that is maintaining its brand would not want to have any issues tampering with its branding and image, however, guides are usually lazy in that and take fewer pains. Companies are organized and with the protocol, which is not with a guide. You can check the company on google these days, check their ratings and reviews.

In India, many trekking companies operate in the Himalayas. Here is our list of some of the best trekking companies which you can join for your treks in India

Cliffhangers India

This company has created quite a mark in recent times with its premium service. Taking the trekking experience to another level. With comfort along with adventure giving in the mountains. Cliffhangers India is mostly recommended for all of your trekking or adventure in Kashmir, Ladakh, Gurez, etc. They have trekked all around the year. The treks like Kashmir Great Lakes Trek, TarsarMarsar, Markha Valley, Warwan Valley, Padum, Gurez trek, etc. They also have camping, rafting, and skiing courses in their portfolios.

India Hikes

This company is your go-to company for group tours of bigger sizes, they operate in all the regions of the Himalayas and have been here quite for a long time now. Based in Bangalore, this company is into trekking only.

Marmot Trails

This company is based in Kashmir and offers the best of treks inside Kashmir. Being a local company, this company is quite reliable with its services and safety. One can join with their fixed departure dates etc.

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