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Training Tips for the Leicester Half Marathon

by Uneeb Khan

Half marathons are popular because they are challenging and push you to move up the fitness game and endurance without the long hours and toll on your body that marathons entail.

If you’re training on your own, a Leicester half marathon might be the ideal pace to keep you motivated without becoming overwhelmed. Training for a half marathon is an exciting challenge that is a fun but tough distance to run.

Everyone is unique, and their running requirements change, but there are a few ubiquitous training tips. We’ve compiled a list of the essentials so you can get started right away on your Leicester half marathon.

What Exactly Is a Half Marathon?

If you’re new to running, you could be unsure how long a half marathon lasts. A half marathon is 13.1 miles or 21 kilometres long. This is the equivalent of precisely half a marathon, which is 26.2 miles or 42 kilometres. A half marathon is an endurance event that tests the stamina and mental fortitude without needing the lengthy recovery period required for a marathon.

10 Training Tips for a Half Marathon

Running improves mental awareness, cardiovascular fitness, and general wellness. It’s also a sport that you can practise almost anywhere. Here are the ten training tips for the Leicester half marathon.

  1. Choose a Race Schedule

Choose a Birmingham half marathon schedule that works for you. Take your present fitness level into consideration, and give yourself at least 12 weeks to prepare if you are running less than 10 miles per week or if this is your initial half marathon.

If you’ve been running consistently and can run at least 6 miles on long runs, you’ll need at least eight weeks to prepare for a Leicester half marathon.

  1. Make Plans for a Training

You may construct your own half marathon training plan, purchase one, or engage a coach to develop a customised training plan. The main thing is to choose a strategy that works for your current fitness level, race schedule, and exercise availability.

  1. Set Your Long Runs

Long runs are the foundation of every half marathon training session, so knowing when to do them is critical. Most individuals take their long runs on weekends, but any day you’re off work and have a couple of hours will suffice.

Schedule your long run on the same day every week to achieve consistency and enough recuperation time. Your long run could only be a few miles when you begin your training, but by the course of your training, you’ll require a couple of hours to finish your 10- or 12-mile long runs. Bear this in mind and schedule your long runs on a day when you will have plenty of relaxation.

  1. Take Rest Days

Rest days are essential for your body to restore and recuperate after intense training and long runs. On the day after each long run, ensure you get a rest day or an easy restoration day. You should never undertake two hard sessions in succession, such as speed training and a long run.

  1. Fuel Up

Drink lots of water during your training days to stay hydrated. You’ll also need some energy gel or sustenance for your longer runs. Several running nutrition alternatives are available to provide you with the calories and electrolytes you need to keep you energised in the long run.

If you are still determining which fuels are ideal for you, experiment with them in your workout until you discover one that is both simple to digest and effective. Some individuals like natural food, such as a banana or a tiny peanut butter sandwich, and you may also want to try it.

  1. Share Progress to Social Media

What runner doesn’t like sharing their runs and getting motivation? Online support for your training is a tremendous motivator, especially during the loneliness of the pandemic times.

  1. Cross-train

Cross-training and strength can help you become a stronger runner and avoid injuries. Incorporate cross-training into your workout routine by practising yoga, riding, weight lifting, or another exercise you love. This will allow your body and mind to rest while maintaining your fitness level.

  1. Taper

You’ll need to start tapering as the big Leicester half marathon race day comes. Reduce your running mileage and undertake low or medium-intensity runs in the two weeks coming up to race day.

  1. Prepare Mentally

You’ve heard the expression “running is 90% mental,” and there’s a reason why it’s so famous: it is true. Racing demands great confidence and mental discipline to complete all miles. Using mantras in your training is an excellent psychological method to prepare for the race.

  1.  Have Fun and Enjoy

Have a great time during your half marathon! Remember, you’re doing it for pleasure and health, so don’t forget to smile, take pictures, and enjoy yourself.


If you’re thinking of running a Birmingham half marathon, go for it! It’s a terrific experience, and you’ll have a tremendous feeling of achievement when you’re through. Training may be intimidating at first, but take it one week at a time.

Concentrate on what you need to accomplish for the day, and have faith in your plan.

If you follow the Leicester half marathon training tips we’ve provided, you’ll be in terrific form to enjoy your race. We bet you’ll be eager to join up for the next one!

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