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Trading bot for Gate.io

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Trading bot for Gate.io

Cryptocurrencies can be traded not only by the traditional method, but also by automated trading. A robot, or technically speaking, software can provide this kind of trading.

For several tens of years, trading bots have made a good name for themselves on traditional stock markets. More than 70% of traders use automated trading. Where did such a high percentage come from? It came from. Given the large amount of what we can observe in the cryptocurrency market today has moved from the traditional market, there is no doubt that crypto traders also use services to create trading bots.

Almost any cryptocurrency exchange can engage in automated trading. And Gate.io is no exception. With the help of RevenueBot, one of the leaders in the segment, users of the Gate.io platform can already conduct their trade with the help of a robot.

About Gate.io

Gate.io can rightly be called one of the oldest cryptocurrency platforms. It appeared almost a decade ago, in 2013. However, at that time, the platform was called Bter and was based in China. But it was not an easy time for cryptocurrencies. The Chinese government banned the conversion of fiat into cryptocurrency. Due to this ban by the regulators, the Bter platform began difficult times and the site management decided to suspend its operations. The suspension lasted until 2017.

The American company Gate Technology Inc decided to buy Bter exchange in 2017.Then the platform got the familiar name Gate.

Anyone can trade on the Gate.io platform, from anywhere in the world. Exceptions apply only to those in countries where exchanges are restricted by local regulators.

On the cryptocurrency platform you can not only trade but also buy digital assets for fiat currency. 

Users can purchase cryptocurrency in any way they like:

  • By debit or credit bank card;
  • By bank transfer;
  • Or buy directly from the seller.

The platform supports many fiat currencies, including: USD, EUR, GBR, etc.

On the trading platform users can trade cryptocurrencies on both traditional spot market and margin trading.

A large number of trading pairs can be found on the spot market – 2,412, and on the derivatives market – 312.

To keep up with global trends, at Gate.io users can also create and trade non-fungible tokens – NFTs. The market can be found in the NFT Box section.

In addition, the exchange carries out a variety of draws, with the help of which traders and investors can try their luck and try to win valuable prizes.

Automated trading at Gate.io

As we mentioned earlier, there is an opportunity to engage in automated trading on the traditional spot market Gate.io using the service RevenueBot. Using a trading bot, users can not only trade top digital assets automatically but also save their time. 

The trading bot is one of the main assistants for successful traders, as well as for beginners. It’s easy to understand bot settings, but if you don’t have time for that, you can always buy a ready-made bot on the service’s marketplace.

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