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Top Reasons to Train Firemaking in OSRS

by M Mahmood
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Firemaking is one of the many skills available to players in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). It involves the lighting of fires for warmth, cooking, and lighting, and is a useful skill to have in many areas of the game. A 1-99 firemaking guide might be one of the most important things you read.

Reason 1: Access to New Areas

One of the top reasons to train Firemaking in OSRS is the ability to access new areas of the game. Many areas of the game require players to have a certain Firemaking level before they can be accessed. For example, the city of Mort’ton, which is home to the Temple Trekking minigame, requires a Firemaking level of 5 to enter. By training Firemaking, players can open up new areas of the game and explore more of the world.

Reason 2: Cooking Food

Another reason to train Firemaking is for cooking food, as long as you have the cooking level, so be sure to check out a 99 osrs cooking guide. Cooking is an essential skill in OSRS, and fire is required to cook many types of food. By training Firemaking, players can light fires to cook their food, which can then be sold for profit or used to restore their health.

Reason 3: Lighting Dark Areas

Firemaking is also useful for lighting dark areas of the game. Many areas of the game are too dark to navigate without a light source, and Firemaking provides a way to light these areas. Torches, lanterns, and other fire-based items can be created through Firemaking, which can then be used to light dark areas of the game.

Reason 4: Making Money

Firemaking can also be a profitable skill to train in OSRS. Many fire-based items, such as torches and lanterns, can be created through Firemaking and then sold for profit. In addition, players can also sell the logs they gather while training Firemaking for a profit.

Reason 5: Mini-games

Many mini-games in OSRS require a high Firemaking level to participate in. For example, the Wintertodt minigame, which is a popular Firemaking training method, requires a Firemaking level of at least 50 to participate in. By training Firemaking, players can participate in these mini-games and earn valuable rewards.

Reason 6: Achievement Diary

Completing the Firemaking section of the Achievement Diary is another reason to train this skill. The Achievement Diary is a set of tasks that players can complete for rewards, and the Firemaking section requires players to light specific types of logs in various locations throughout the game. By completing these tasks, players can earn valuable rewards and improve their Firemaking skill.


In conclusion, Firemaking is an essential skill in OSRS, with many benefits for players who choose to train it. From accessing new areas of the game to making money and participating in mini-games, there are many reasons to prioritize Firemaking in your gameplay. Whether you are a new player or a seasoned veteran, Firemaking is a skill worth investing time and effort into.

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