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Top Dar Ul Aman Lahore for female Victims

by Uneeb Khan

Dar Ul Aman Lahore for female Victims:

 The female victims who wants to go to darul aman Lahore through lawyers in Lahore, you may contact Aazad Law Associates. Based on the United States Trafficking in Persons Report (2009), In the United States, internally, women who are trafficked in Pakistan have the opportunity to gain admission into ” darul aman Lahore through lawyers in Lahore centers created in the state government to help victims of abuse and children. They provide legal aid in the form of vocational training medical care, but there is no protection available for women who have been victims of sexual exploitative practices. Dar-ul Amans are generally found in areas that are public with a metal fence and security guards stationed at the main gate and entrance.


Residents are confined and required to stay within the limits of the shelter unless they’re required to appear in court or have a medical concern. Food, accommodation, clothing, basic vocational education (sewing as well as embroidery) as well as counseling, and legal aid are provided for free. However, residents might have to pay for the document costs (Siddiqui, Ismail & Allen 2008).

Punjab province:

Within the Punjab province, the darul aman Lahore through lawyers in Lahore shelter was founded in 1963. seven additional shelters were built during the 70s as well as the 1980s. Before 2005, all the shelters were operating at the divisional level. As of 2005, the Department of Social Welfare and Bait-ul-Mal began to increase the number of women’s welfare services of shelters by creating homes in every district in Punjab (Government of Pakistan 2010).

Lawyer in Lahore:

The darul aman Lahore through lawyers in Lahore to date, there are 36 shelters operating in Punjab as a refuge for vulnerable and socially marginalized females (Government of Punjab 2014). While the government has set up Dar-ul-Aman in every district in Punjab however, they are constantly criticized for their effectiveness since they are not providing shelter nor serving as homes for the most vulnerable women (Hashmi 2009).). The duration of the stay is from three weeks to six months, and even up to a year for some women.

Some Cases:

 In some cases, darul aman Lahore through lawyers in Lahore was able to provide a long-term residence to residents who did not have any relatives or a family, and the shelter’s administration also helped arrange their weddings (Directorate of Social Welfare 2011, Government of Punjab; 2005; Medecins du Monde, 2007). Literature Review Domestic violence shelters are designed to offer housing assistance, legal aid, and group and individual therapy and to increase the internal and external resources for women who are victims of violence as well as their kids (Macy, Giattina, Sangster, Crosby, & Montijo 2009). Numerous studies have found that a stay in a shelter will reduce the frequency, as well as the frequency of violence towards women and victims by violence, are more optimistic as well as less depressed following two weeks living in a shelter (Berk, Newton, & Berk 1986; Sedlak, 1988).

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