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Top 5 Things You Must Know Before Renting a Property in Abu Dhabi

by Mohamed Ali
Top 5 Things You Must Know Before Renting a Property in Abu Dhabi

While Dubai appears to be the Kim Kardashian of the UAE, Abu Dhabi is Elon Musk. Do you know why? It’s because Dubai is famous for its glitz and glamour, but Abu Dhabi is known for its breadwinner qualities. In addition, it’s also the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Embassies from all around the globe have collaborated and established their headquarters here.

There are lush green boulevards, luxury shopping malls, vibrant parks, and decent high-rises for residents and expats. With a population of around 2.7 million citizens, the city is no short of rental properties. If you’re someone seeking a property for rent in Abu Dhabi, let’s determine what you must know to stay out of trouble.    

  1. Get Registered with Tawtheeq 

Firstly, you need to acknowledge every detail regarding the electronic system known as Tawtheeq. It’s a registered department to keep a record of all the tenancy contracts of the city. You’re responsible for asking the landlord to show you the registration at the time of the tenancy contract. In addition, the agreement must only be made in English or Arabic.  

  1. Rent is Paid Annually 

Most expats find it shocking that they’ve to submit the rental payment for the entire year at once. Well, there’s a logic behind it. The prime reason for this rule is the security of its property and landlords. This way, no fraudster or invader can fool around with the landlord. Being the tenants, you can’t predict the future, and that if you’ll be satisfied with the rental property. Still, it’s mandatory to rent a property in the city. 

  1. It’s a Landlord’s Market 

In Abu Dhabi, landlords have all the cards to play regarding tenancy. So, if you’ve paid a yearly rent and signed a contract, you must fulfil your obligations, even if you’ve not been granted a visa or lost your job. Try to reach a mutual agreement by talking to your landlord in such a case. For instance, you can find them a replacement if you can’t afford the rent anymore. 

  1. Consider the Costs 

If you’ve hired a real estate agent, discussing all the rent-related costs is vital to avoid future surprises. First things first, you need to organise the contract fees. Next, the security deposit requires you to pay around 5% of the total rent. Once you get settled in the property, you’ll have to pay for the utilities like electricity and internet.

  1. Subletting is Illegal 

Unless the landlord authorises it in agreement, subletting, where you rent from another tenant, is strictly prohibited. If you opt for such a deal, the penalty is eviction. The law doesn’t state a timeframe, so your landlord can appear at your door anytime. However, they might give you three to four weeks of notice out of courtesy.

Final Thoughts

Did you notice that the rental credentials of Abu Dhabi aren’t different from other Emirates? Even if you’ve lived in Dubai or Ajman for years, you still need to absorb every detail when renting a property in Abu Dhabi. It won’t only keep you safe from fraudster real agents and owners but also reassures you that you’re wandering on the right track.

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