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Top 5 Most Recent Trends in Software Development!

by Uneeb Khan

The IT industry is growing. It has been estimated that by 2031, there will be 682,800 new IT-related jobs. New developments and advancements are constantly taking place in this industry. There are technological advancements taking place in the industry.

Naturally, the industry offers a large number of income opportunities. To benefit from the growth of the sector, you must be well aware of the latest trends in software development. Accordingly, you should incorporate these trends as soon as possible to make the most of your app.

Here is a list of the latest trends and reasons why you should incorporate these trends in your applications:


Block-chain tracks all transactions made in bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in a ledger. Whenever any transaction takes place, it is recorded in the ledger as a single block of information. This block consists of all the important information regarding the person engaging in the transaction activity and the terms of the transaction. These blocks of information are connected to other blocks as further transactions take place and an unchangeable chain of records is created.

Utilizing blockchain has various benefits for businesses. Thus, more businesses are considering utilizing blockchain technology in their software. TechnBrains, a leading app development NYC company, offer block-chain app development services as well, enabling you to incorporate this latest trend in your business.

Advantages of Block-Chain:

⦁Enables businesses to track the origin of any product.

⦁Record-keeping is easier

⦁It prevents data manipulation or tampering

⦁Transactions are more secure, thus, greater trust of customers.

⦁Transactions are faster and more convenient

2.The Decentralized Web:

Blockchain enables a decentralized web. The decentralized web is also called Web 3.0. It is based on databases provided by a blockchain. Everything on the internet will be decentralized and won’t be in the hands of any particular corporation or person. The decentralized web would allow your customers to engage in transaction activities without revealing their personal information to the companies.

Advantages of the decentralized web:

⦁Prevent companies from collecting user data and thus using it unethically

⦁Ensure user data protection and security

⦁Make transactions faster

⦁Data cannot be tampered with or manipulated

3. Cloud Computing

Through cloud computing, the software can access servers, databases, networks, analytics, etc. It enables your software to back up and access data in real-time. Cloud computing eliminates the need to store data on hard drives.

The maintenance and storage of data is the responsibility of your cloud computing service provider. The following are the types of cloud computing services:

⦁ Software-as-a-server (SaaS)

⦁ Platform-as-a-server (PaaS)

⦁ Infrastructure-as-a-server (IaaS)

The most common cloud computing service is SaaS. People usually subscribe to such services. An example of SaaS would be Google Drive. However, IaaS is more practical for businesses that need infrastructure to store and maintain data. Renowned businesses such as Amazon EC2 use IaaS.

You can avail of cloud development services for your business from renowned service providers. For example, TechnBrains offers IaaS development services for your business.

Advantages of Cloud Computing:

⦁Time efficient

⦁Cost efficient

⦁Data is more accessible – because data can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, through the internet

⦁Backup is easier and more regular

⦁Allows you to make real-time changes in data

⦁Fewer chances of losing the data – because hard drives storing the data may get lost or stop working

4.Progressive Web Apps:

Progressive web apps (PWA) are replacing traditional websites. Basically, PWAs are web applications that you may install on any smartphone. Best websites and native applications’ features are incorporated into a web app. Many businesses have shifted towards PWA already. Twitter and Pinterest are some renowned businesses that have already adopted PWA.

Considering such apps ‘ utility and performance, PWA is an attractive option for your business. PWA is already trending. So, this is a good time to get a PWA for your business. App development NYC services can help you create PWA for your business. You must only hire a reliable service provider such as TechnBrains to develop a PWA for you.

Advantages of Progressive Web Apps:

⦁ PWAs are linkable

⦁ More discoverable than an ordinary app

⦁ Faster than using a website

⦁ Responsive over all devices

⦁ Can work offline

5.Micro-Services Software Architecture

There has been a shift towards the micro-services architecture of apps from the traditional monolithic architecture in which all the services were compiled into one. The maintenance of the monolithic architecture app is much harder because modifying any feature impacts the entire software. Accordingly, if your app has a monolithic architecture, scalability can get very difficult and time-consuming for you. 

Micro-services architecture includes several services that are loosely attached in an app. Different services are developed as separate components of an application. Micro-services software architecture is more practical than monolithic architecture in the long term for your business. 

Thereby, if you are getting a customized app developed, you must add micro-services architecture to your list of requirements to make sure the app development NYC team builds an app that has more utility.  

Advantages of Micro-Services Software Architecture:

⦁App maintenance is time and cost-efficient

⦁More scalable app

⦁Testing and quality assurance is easier because each component can be dealt with separately

⦁Enhanced performance

⦁Higher customer satisfaction.

Key Takeaways

The IT industry is rapidly developing, and you must keep up with it to ensure your business is ahead of its competitors. You can incentivize the latest trends to generate greater revenue and provide a superior service to your application users.

The top 5 latest trends that you may keep in mind are blockchain, the decentralized web, cloud computing, Progressive web apps, and the micro-services architecture of the software. Each of these trends offers a variety of benefits to you and your customers, thus, boosting your business growth.

Accordingly, you should remember these trends while developing an app for your business. While there are many custom app developers in the market, you should contact an app development service that can incorporate the latest trends in your application for you. TechnBrains is one of the leading app development NYC companies that can create an app that fulfills all of these requirements for you.

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