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Top 5 Hospitals for Hip Replacement in Turkey

by Uneeb Khan
Hip Replacement

A surgical operation called a hip replacement, commonly referred to as a hip arthroplasty, involves replacing the damaged elements of the hip with artificial ones. A spinal anesthetic will be used during this procedure. The damaged or ill-affected hip sections will be removed by the doctor, who will then replace them with prosthetic implants through an incision close to the hip.

Patients who suffer hip pain due to arthritis are typically the ones who have this operation. Mobility improvement comes next as a significant advantage after pain relief. Your ability to walk unassisted again should be possible after a hip replacement. Going upstairs, putting on socks, getting out of a chair, and other common hip arthritis-related difficulties should all be considerably alleviated by enhanced hip function.

Here in this article, you can see the list of top hospitals for hip replacement in Turkey:

Medical Park Bahcelievler Hospital

Medical Park, one of Turkey’s most prominent healthcare organizations, runs world-class hospitals in all major cities. A facility with quality certificates from the Joint Commission International. The hospital’s architecture provides cutting-edge infrastructure and high clinical care standards. The 89 outpatient clinic rooms and 10 operating rooms of the 242-bed hospital can accommodate all main specialties.

Medical Park Bahçelievler’s devoted department of orthopedics and traumatology provides thorough care to patients with orthopedic disorders. In addition to knee and hip replacements, it offers complete joint replacement care services. A hip replacement is performed at the Medical Park Bahçelievler hospital by a skilled team that includes orthopedic surgeons with experience in common replacement surgeries, nurses, and physiotherapists.

The department makes sure the patient receives comprehensive care, starting with a diagnosis, followed by both surgery and non-surgical treatments employing the most cutting-edge technology available, and finishing with a lengthy post-operative rehabilitation. This hospital has the newest medical systems and technology and complies with all applicable international healthcare standards.

Medicana Konya Hospital

The Medicana Konya Hospital is the largest and most complete private hospital in the Central Anatolia area of Turkey. The hospital has a solid reputation for providing excellent clinical treatment in a variety of disciplines, as well as for providing high-quality medical services. Patients from numerous nations regularly visit the hospitals in the Medicana Group. Long-standing expertise in delivering all the services needed by a patient from outside the country.

Advanced medical technologies and highly trained medical personnel support the hospital’s high-tech infrastructure. Patients get a warm welcome and individualized care at the hospital in addition to safe and efficient treatment.

A team of highly respected and internationally trained orthopedic doctors and surgeons works in the orthopedics department. They ensure the patient receives the most recent and effective care possible while attempting to reduce post-operative hazards.

Medicana Hospital Konya is well-reputed among international patients for its affordable medical packages, calm setting, and comprehensive post-operative care.

Anadolu Medical Center Hospital

Anadolu Medical Center is ranked top for hip replacement facilities in the country and provides top-notch medical care for patients from Turkey and abroad. With the help of a strategic partnership with John Hopkins Medicine, they can deliver healthcare that meets the highest standards around the world. All significant medical disciplines now use Anadolu Medical Center as a referral hospital.

The hospital is famous for offering research- and evidence-based care with a patient-centric focus. The Orthopaedics and Traumatology department of Anadolu Medical Center serves as a one-stop facility for the treatment of a variety of orthopedic conditions for patients of all ages.

Each patient receives comprehensive orthopedic care, including pre-and post-operative care, due to the skilled doctors at Anadolu’s Orthopaedics and Traumatology Center. To perform orthopedic procedures, surgeons have experience employing cutting-edge tools and technologies.

With diagnostic, treatment, and rehabilitation facilities, a patient can anticipate holistic services. Post-operative care is provided to ensure a full and healthy recovery following joint prosthesis surgery. The international patient department has a committed team that assists patients from other countries receive high-quality medical care.

Liv Hospital

Liv hospital is located in Ankara, turkey. It has a premier medical facility that provides a broad range of tertiary and quaternary healthcare services in all major medical specialties. The Orthopedics and Traumatology Department of Liv Hospital is renowned for offering thorough and efficient treatment and in-depth diagnostic and patient consultation. The facility provides a range of therapies for treating musculoskeletal and bone disorders in patients of all ages.

The orthopedics and traumatology department of Liv hospital has all the necessary tools to perform complicated orthopedic surgery and joint replacement treatments. The hospital boasts a cutting-edge infrastructure, and the medical staff guarantees a comprehensive and individualized approach to patient care. The department’s orthopedic doctors and surgeons are knowledgeable healthcare providers with years of expertise who provide compassionate care and excellent treatment.

Modern diagnostic and treatment equipment is available in the facility. The department has provided clinical expertise and treated professionals and top athletes who had knee injuries or degenerative disorders.

The hospital is home to regenerative medicine, stem cell application, and a research center, which promotes cutting-edge methods such as stem cell therapy, platelet-rich plasma, and orthocan applications in the field of orthopedics.

VM Medical Park Hospital

VM medical park hospital is one of Turkey’s top hip replacement facilities, serving domestic and foreign patients. The hospital adopts a patient-oriented philosophy to provide each patient with efficient and caring treatment. VM medical park is one of the most sought-after hospitals in Turkey due to its skilled care personnel, cutting-edge infrastructure, and affordable medical plans.

The 300-bed hospital offers a wide range of services across all medical specialties through its 13 operating rooms and 92 outpatient clinics.

The specialized orthopedics and traumatology center of the VM medical park hospital offers rehabilitation therapies that can treat hip prostheses completely. For the best post-operative patient care, a team of orthopedic specialists collaborates with a physical therapist and an occupational therapist.

To treat hip issues with artificial prosthetic devices, they have purchased the newest and most cutting-edge equipment and technologies.

Final Thoughts

As a result, those mentioned above are about the hospital for hip replacement in Turkey. If you are advised to get hip replacement surgery, you can choose the above-listed hospitals because they provide good care and unitizing modern equipment while providing surgery.

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