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Top 10 Dos and Don’ts for an SEO Company in Dubai

by Uneeb Khan
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Starting a company, let alone an SEO Company, let alone in Dubai, can be extremely cumbersome, because of which many unsuccessful attempts to run an SEO Company in Dubai have taken place over the years. A relatively new niche, search engine optimization also has rapidly evolving dynamics which must be considered when running an SEO Company. Here is the only guide you will need before you embark on your SEO endeavor! Learn these Dos and Don’ts, keep them close to you, and remain consistent for success!

Do: Build an Understanding of SEO

Straight off the bat. This is essential, develop research skills and learn the technical jargon associated with SEO. Learn about what these terms mean and their significance in terms of how your customer or client would approach it. View knowledge from their perspective: You are an expert, they need you to be well informed, read-up, and up-to-date regarding all the latest trends and developments in the world of SEO. A strong understanding will serve as a solid foundation for all your operations and dealings with clients and customers, without which most SEO companies would fail overnight.

Do: Know Your Audience

Always make sure you understand your audience’s preferences at all times, as your business continues to grow, you need to stay relevant in order to reduce the chances of becoming stagnant. Always remember the value of consumer-oriented marketing for growing your SEO company in Dubai this regard, because many SEO Companies may be equipped to handle a client’s SEO requirements, they must end up never being visible to that client, leading to missed opportunities.

Do: Post Your Client Testimonials

Always make your client testimonials as prominent on your website as possible as they are an essential part of the decision-making process for most potential clients. So, if you have worked for clients in the past, get them to write or record brief testimonials which can be displayed as evidence of the performance of your SEO Company in Dubai. Always try to include pictures or some other elements alongside a testimonial to maximize the human-element and increase the appeal for any potential clients.

Do: Maintain a Digital Presence

Most SEO agencies are hired on either the basis of word of mouth, or through digital platforms. Hence, it is important for you and your SEO Company in Dubai to maintain a brand presence across popular social media platforms. This can often be done yourself but it is recommended to onboard a dedicated Digital Media Manager to not only maintain your presence, but to leverage it for long-term success.

Do: Take Constructive Criticism Seriously

How you respond to criticism defines a significant extent of how likely you are to succeed. The best entrepreneurs and successful people always respond positively to criticism. In a field such as SEO, taking critique seriously can not be underestimated, make sure you and your SEO Company in Dubai are both receptive to feedback and committed towards adapting wherever necessary for the greater good.

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Don’t: Underestimate the Importance of Consistency

Growing a brand from the ground up is challenging in any field but your SEO Company in Dubai must compete in a highly saturated market. In order to stand out from the clutter, ensure that your brand continues to try new things and do them well. Making a breakthrough in the market is important, however the value of consistency is paramount.

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Don’t: Neglect Your Own Website

It would be a shame if a SEO Company’s website fails to perform well on an SEO performance test. Make sure to always optimize your own website because potential clients will be checking your search engine ranking!

Don’t: Forget to Pay Taxes

Not only is it the right thing to do, paying taxes for an SEO Company in Dubai is extremely convenient in the digital-age. A few clicks are all it takes to be compliant which each requirement for doing business in a fair and ethical manner.’

Don’t: Stop Researching

Even if your success is beyond your wildest dreams, there is always room for improvement and solidification of your position in the market. Whatever medium serves you best, make sure to do your own research regularly.

Don’t: Keep Information to Yourself

When aiming to grow yourself and your brand, teamwork is an undervalued skill. The power of different people collaborating to achieve shared success is much higher than the capacity of just one person or entity. Share this and engage untapped resources around you!

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