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Tips to Improve Recovery After Surgery

by Junaid Awan

Getting surgery is an unnerving experience and recovering well from your surgical procedure is vital. Taking care of your wound, the stitches, and doing all the protective measures to prevent an infection after surgery takes great care and carefulness. The medical professionals involved in your surgery explain the recovery well but it is important to know beforehand what to expect after your surgery and the protective measures you can take following the procedure. Here are some ways to improve your recovery after surgery.

Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions

The most important aspect of recovery from surgery is to follow the instructions given to you by the General Surgeon in Karachi. It means that you take your medications on time, avoid food that is not advisable, and do not do things that you are told not to like exercise, lifting weights etc.

Take Your Medications on Time

Taking your medications on time is very important. Taking them before or after food as advised, not skipping your pain medication, and taking the right dose are necessary. If your medication is through the intravenous route, visit your doctor or nurse on time, and do not skip your dose.

Don’t Miss the Follow Ups

It is important to not miss your follow-up appointments. Your surgeon will look at your wound condition and the improvement in your signs and symptoms and adjust your medication accordingly until you are ready to be off of your medications.

Avoid Getting Infections

Perhaps the most vital tip is to avoid getting infections. Infections after surgery can occur within 30 days after surgery and utmost care must be taken to avoid infections. This includes washing your hands before and after handling your wound. Washing hands regularly and in a proper way and completing your antibiotics course are necessary.

Wound Care

As discussed earlier, infection after surgery can happen within 30 days after surgery, and overlooking your wound care is an important cause of it. It is important to see your wound at least once a day and observe it for things like its overall look, color, discharge (if any), and whether the stitches are intact or not. It is important to change the dressing of the wound every day or every other day depending upon your surgeon’s instructions.

Don’t Skip the Bedrest

Bedrest is a major tip for improvement after surgery. This is often not followed by people but taking bedrest is extremely necessary because the body needs rest to recover to its normal functioning form.

Take Adequate Diet

Taking care of your diet is important and asking your surgeon to guide you and following their instructions can help improve your symptoms after surgery. You might be referred to a nutritionist if necessary.

Don’t Go Back to Your Work Too Soon

Taking the required amount of bed rest and going back to work only after getting the green signal from your surgeon is necessary. Avoid straining, exercising, and lifting heavy weights is also important.

Recognize the Danger Signs

Always ask your surgeons about the danger signs while in your recovery period to know when you go to the emergency room in case something bad happens. This can include unexplainable pain, an infected wound, a high running fever, symptoms like severe vomiting and diarrhea, dizziness, fainting, etc.


To summarise, there are several ways you can improve your recovery period after surgery. This includes following your healthcare’s instructions, bedrest, good diet, wound care, and taking care not to get infected. It is also necessary to recognize danger signs so you can get the necessary care from the Best General Surgeon in Lahore as soon as possible.

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