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Tips To Buy The Perfect Towel Warmer

by Faisal Sheikh
Towel Warmer

During the repair of a bathroom in an apartment, a private house, the question arises, which heated towel rail to buy. This item will provide additional comfort in the bathroom – towels will not smell damp, the risk of mold will decrease, and it is also convenient to dry small items of clothing (underwear, socks) on it. Choosing a “towel” will not be difficult if you follow a certain algorithm of actions.

Choice of functions and form

When choosing, first of all, it is worth determining which of the functions of the heated towel rail is more important to you. In general, there are only two of them:

  • bathroom heating, additional heating source
  • drying towels, small items of clothing

The heating function is best handled by a standard coil. A long-curved pipe can be shaped S, M or C. For better heating, especially in large rooms, it is worth choosing a heated towel rail with a maximum pipe length.

To dry things, traditionally choose a heated towel rail in the form of a ladder. Between the two vertical posts there are several rung-steps. The more of them, the more things you can dry. Jumpers can be straight, the most capacious models – with jumpers in the shape of the letter S.

Which heated towel rail is better: electric or water?

Towel warmers with heating from a water supply or heating system are considered traditional. In the first case, they will be hot all year round, except for periods of planned shutdown of hot water. In the second, the heated towel rail is hot only during the heating season, and you will have to look for a replacement for almost half a year.

The disadvantages of a water heated towel rail include stationarity. It can only be placed near the hot water outlet. Transferring it to another wall is not considered a redevelopment, however, it is associated with technical difficulties – shortening or lengthening the pipe, installing clamps, disassembling part of the wall. Installation should only be carried out by a specialist. It is better to play it safe and call the master from the housing office so that the installation of the heated towel rail is carried out in accordance with all the features of the communications at home.

Electric towel warmers are much more mobile, they can be installed on any bathroom wall. The device works from a socket, so you will need the help of a good electrician – to conduct electrical networks, install waterproofed sockets. The disadvantages include increased power consumption. Also, if there is a power outage, the heated towel rail will not work.

Material selection

An item relevant for water heated towel rails. For their production, the following types of materials are used:

  • copper and brass – have a high level of thermal conductivity, keep the temperature well. But they quickly fade, can deteriorate from hard water. For connection to the central DHW system, only galvanized pipes can be used;
  • stainless steel is a durable option, with a beautiful sheen. The service life is practically unlimited when choosing pipes with a wall thickness of at least 2.5 mm;
  • black steel – recommended for use in country houses and cottages as a flow-through heated towel rail with connection to a hot water supply system. The inside is covered with an anti-corrosion compound. With hard water, sediment can accumulate inside over time, the pipe diameter decreases, and the device heats worse.

Determining the lead

This point is not important for electric models. And water heated towel rails can have the following type of supply:

  • lower
  • right
  • left

This point must be specified when buying, otherwise the selected model may not be suitable for the conclusion in the bathroom.

Choosing a Mounting and Installation Method

There are the following types of installation of heated towel rails:

  • wall-mounted – both water and electric models can be. The device is hung on the wall, takes up little space, is located in the immediate vicinity of the water outlet or outlet;
  • floor – as a rule, these are water models. A good option for country houses with spacious bathrooms. It is important to consider the location of the water supply.
  • portable – mobile electric models that can be moved around the bathroom. To place them, simply plug the device into a power outlet. They combine the functions of a heated towel rail and a towel rail, convenient in small bathrooms, country houses. Especially good for “summer houses”, after the end of the season, the device can simply be taken with you to the city.

Design and Size

Brass heated towel rail australia do not require additional painting, their noble shade looks good in classic interiors, the style of the Victorian era.

Stainless steel towel rails are most often distinguished by a chrome sheen, they look good in the bathroom in light pastel colors. But if you wish, you can choose matte options or order a color in a certain shade.

Black steel models require additional painting after installation. You can choose shades to match the color of the walls or make a design in a futuristic style and paint the device in bright colors.

Electric heated towel rails can be matte, chrome, painted in different shades. These models can be produced with the effect of aged bronze, gold plating.

The dimensions of the heated towel rail depend on the size of the bathroom. Compact models can be installed on any vertical surface. In spacious bathrooms, a spectacular trick is often used when a compact heated towel rail is installed next to the rim of the bath. You can take a warm towel as soon as you get out of the water.

Large models provide better heating of the room, they can accommodate more things. A good option for apartments and houses where a heated towel rail is the only place to dry clothes.

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