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Tips on How to Clean Vinyl Window Frames

by Uneeb Khan

Vinyl windows are indeed low on maintenance, and now that the spring is just around the corner, anything on the exterior part of your house should probably be on the list that needs a deep clean. A combination of spring rains melting slash and the grim of the changing season can leave your windows strict with dirt. 

The great news is that replacement windows made with vanilla are straightforward to maintain and clean. You must keep the windows clean and looking their best with the minimum elbow grease required.

Some of the window cleaning tips given by Ottawa Window Companies are mentioned here.

Cleaning the outside of the vinyl window frames will surely add curb appeal and impress every jogger in your neighborhood. Create a simple solution by mixing only one and a half cups of white vinegar with one column of warm water and mixing a tablespoon of mild soap in a gallon of warm water to clean your windows.

You just have to start by rinsing the outside of your windows with water so that any dirt and debris has built up sitting around the edges. You have to apply the cleaning solution to the glass and frames once you rinse off the windows. You can use this for cleaning Ottawa Valley Windows And Doors.

How Can You Clean The Inside Of Your Vinyl Windows?

Cleaning the inside of your vinyl window frames is pretty simple. You just want to remove the dirt and debris from the frame tracks and screen before the deep clean happens. Your vacuum comes in handy here as you must dislodge the dirt from the window tracks. 

When cleaning vinyl window tracks cleaning wipes surely work well for getting in the corners. You must run wipes up and down the tracks to pick up the dust.

It is straightforward to clean the window vinyl frames in the house. Putting in some elbow grease can help remove the dirt and debris from the window without damaging the frames. Scrub the area with a soft-bristled cleaning brush if you encounter any stubborn stains.

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Some people also like to use a squeegee to remove the cleaning solution without leaving any streaks on the window. You must avoid using paper towels to clean the window as they will leave some particles on the glass. You might notice the window cleaner start to drive before you have finished the job if you have any sun exposure.

You must work on an overcast day when you are fighting the sun, and it is one of the top window cleaning tips you can consider. It’s time to replace the vinyl windows if your windows look cloudy or dirty even after you’ve cleaned them.


Keeping the vinyl window frames clean and tidy throughout ensures the dirt does not get accumulated anywhere. It is essential to keep cleaning the frames from time to time so that the frame remains as new as ever.

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