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Tips for Your Log Siding Home Construction

by Uneeb Khan
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Once your lot is purchased and the foundation is poured, it is time to start constructing your home. The beauty of using pine or cedar log siding is it can be secured to conventional wall framing. There are many benefits of using log siding over full logs, including:

It is fast and easy to install
Log siding is more cost-effective
It needs less long-term maintenance
Log siding is readily available
Skilled homeowners can install it
Building a log home can be overwhelming when you are in the planning stages. Some of the following construction tips are outside-the-box thinking for many homeowners and should prove beneficial.

Log Home Construction Tips Include Conducting Sufficient Research First

You and those who will live with you should research the style and size of log siding homes that fit your needs and wants. Use these tips and some of your own to make the right plans:Read also about:vinyl flooring Dubai

Collect pictures of homes you like including landscaping.
Make note of individual elements that appeal to you.
Decide if you want pine or cedar siding.
Choose log siding or paneling for the interior walls.
Do you want a fireplace, wood-burning stove, or mantel?
What type of roofing do you want?
Also, think about the flooring, windows, doors, stairways, and whether you want a front porch, back porch, or both. Brainstorm a list of everything you want and then narrow it down to your budget and building timeframe. Also, think about how you want to situate the home on your site. You will then have a design and features that are right for you.

Log Home Construction Tips Include Extending the Foundation Higher

One log home construction tip that is worth its weight in gold is extending the foundation 4”-6” higher than the standard. This keeps water from accumulating around the bottom row of logs and helps eliminate wood rot. It also keeps insects and mildew away from the log siding. This idea lifts the siding out of the most common area of damage.

A companion tip is adding gutters to direct water flow well away from the wood to prevent water from sliding down the walls. Your stain, finish, and wood will be better preserved.Read also about:vinyl flooring in dubai   

Use Pre-finished Log Siding and Paneling to Save Time and Money

Using unfinished log siding or paneling sounds cheaper but when you figure the time and cost of finishing after installation, you are not really saving much. Pre-finished material also saves:

Up to 50% compared to on-the-job site finishing
No need to hire a painter and finishing materials
Finishing will be flawless because it is applied by expert craftsmen
No delays with humidity, weather, or scheduling a painter
Log siding comes finished on the face, back, edges, ends, tongues, and grooves
The siding, trim, paneling, decking, or flooring looks better than what you or I can typically do. The pre-finish is generally more durable than products purchased at a home improvement store and applied by amateurs.

Install Electrical Outlets in Out-of-the-Way Places Like Pantries and Closets

A handy idea that most of us don’t think about is installing electrical outlets in useful places like pantries and closets. We tend to own many gadgets that need recharging regularly. It is nice to avoid running extension cords or multi-plug adaptors when charging several at the same time.

A pantry and closet are ideal places to plug things in that are hidden away, including:

Cell phones
Digital cameras
Emergency lighting
Portable vacuums
Rechargeable tools
Security cameras
Anything else you use often
Make sure to build these outlets into your log home plans so the electricians don’t overlook them. Remember to check your appliances and gadgets when charged.

Log Home Construction Tips Also Include Using a Fireplace Insert

Adding a fireplace insert to burn wood instead of an open hearth is worth its cost. Use hardwoods, when possible, to obtain more BTUs. An insert provides these benefits:

Slower burn rate
More efficient burn rate
Consumes less fuel
Increases heat efficiency by up to 70% – 80%
Stack fewer fire logs in the house
If wood heat is not your cup of tea, then go for a natural gas or propane gas fireplace.

You can save money and weight on the hearth by surrounding the fireplace with manufactured stone that simulates the real thing quite well. This product comes in many sizes, shapes, thicknesses, materials, and colors.

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