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Throw Blankets for Couch: Six Reasons You and Your Whole Family Need One

by Uneeb Khan
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Throw Blankets for Couch: Six Reasons You and Your Whole Family Need One

As the weather begins to transition into crisper air, the time will come to start bundling up in layers of clothing and staying warm. While you can wear jackets and coats to face the weather outdoors, you’ll also want to stay cozy inside. Throw blankets for the couch are the ideal items to wrap yourself up in because they promise to envelop you in luxurious materials. You should have one in your room, your car, your living space, your patio, and anywhere else you spend time! There are many reasons to love throw blankets beyond their warmth. Here are the six key reasons why you should always ensure you and your family have throw blankets in your homes. 

They Add Warmth

Quite literally, throw blankets give you warmth when you curl up under them or spread them across your body. Because of the thick material, they offer a superb layer of warmth on cold days and in chilly houses. But there is also another way throw blankets add warmth, and that is the quality they add to your home. Throw blankets for the couch, through their colors, fabrics, and weaves, add warmth to the ambiance of a room. You can drape your throw blankets over the couch, fold them on armchairs, hang them from blanket ladders, or even display them in other ways around a room so they act like a decor piece. 

They Help Establish a Color or Shade Palette

Just as throw blankets for your couch bring warmth to the room, they can also help establish the color palette you want to be distributed around the room. Every item in a room—from furniture to wall decor to room essentials—tie in with your chosen look or theme, and the same is true of throw blankets. Because they are perfect for draping over your furniture, such as throw blankets for couch, they can become a focal point. You will want to choose your specific textures, shades, and colors wisely to fit your decor style. 

They Tie Your Other Accents Together

If you are looking for that perfect item to tie all your room accents and essentials together, you don’t need to look any further than throw blankets. Because of the diverse range of looks and feels throws can be bought in, you can find the perfect one to complement your other pieces. Throw your fur blankets over the couch and watch the room come together!

They Are Made From Luxurious Materials

Throw blankets can be found in a wonderful array of materials, ranging from exceptionally soft to thick and wooly. A few great variations of the throw blanket to love are those made from fur, wool, fleece, cashmere, cotton, bamboo, and chunky knits like yarn. While standard comforters are made from a blend of cotton and polyester, throw blankets for the couch offer the full range of soft, downy materials you can snuggle up in. 

They Are the Perfect Size

Another quality to love about throw blankets is their size. Being smaller than blankets for your bed, throw blankets are more usable and storable. They can be brought with you on a trip, in your suitcase, or to your outdoor plans much easier than carrying your bed duvet. They can also be folded and tucked away when you don’t want to display them around the room because they’re made from flat materials rather than filled with down. But even though they’re smaller than full sized blankets, they are just right for covering you with warmth, whether you’re wrapped up by the campfire or curled up on the couch. 

Throw blankets come in standardized sizes just like bedding blankets. The easiest size to find a throw blanket in is roughly 50 x 60 inches. Compared to queen mattresses’ 90 x 100 inches, throws are clearly more portable and foldable. Throw blankets aren’t actually intended to give you a full body coverage but rather some gentle extra warmth, so you won’t find them in standard mattress sizes. However, they do come in a variety of sizes for those who like more or less coverage. 

They Are Washable

Here’s some great news: that luxuriously soft throw blanket you’ve been snuggling under every time you sit on the couch is washable! Throw blankets are often used on the couch where you snack or sip on a drink. Spills happen, but if you have to take your blanket to the dry cleaner every time they do, each mess will feel like a big deal. You can wash your throw blankets depending on their specific instructions. Many throw blankets can be washed on a gentle cycle, but otherwise, you can simply wash them by hand and hang them up to dry.

You don’t want to miss out on using throw blankets to keep you warm this fall and winter. When you want to bundle up, throw blankets are the perfect size, and they look great around your house. You’ll be happy to have them on hand, so go ahead and start looking for the perfect piece Read more

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