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This Is The Origin Story Of Black Friday

by Uneeb Khan
This Is The Origin Story Of Black Friday

Historical experts claim that Philadelphia police started calling Black Friday the day prior to the Army-Navy football game because of the long hours required to handle traffic and the need for them to be able to deal with other problems.

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The Army-Navy football match was held at John F. Kennedy Stadium, Philadelphia on November 30, 1974. Black Friday is a day that celebrates Thanksgiving Day. It also marks the start of the annual Army-Navy football match at John F. Kennedy Stadium in Philadelphia, on November 30, 1974.

Black Friday has been associated with chaos in shops for many years. Its roots lie in turbulence.

Black Friday was a popular holiday in Philadelphia during the 1960s. Tourists would flock to Philadelphia on Saturday between Thanksgiving and Army-Navy’s football match. According to historians, the Philadelphia police named the day Black Friday because they had to deal with bad traffic and bad weather.


Local retailers wanted to draw shoppers on that day. They were not happy with the use of “black” in front of a day that has traditionally been used to signify unpleasant events. Black Tuesday was the 1929 stock exchange crash. Black Monday, in 1987, was another day when the stock market experienced a percentage loss that was greater than any other day in 1929.

The holiday was rebranded by retailers as “Big Friday”, but they failed. Later, businesses took the Black Friday Deals 2022 name. They claimed that this was the day that the books in stores changed from red to black.

Retailers have tried to spread the shopping frenzy across multiple days after a series of injuries, including death. After shoppers ran in uncontrollable hordes to grab the best deals, this was when retailers tried to spread the shopping frenzy over multiple days. Cyber Monday, which is the day to shop online for holiday shopping, is being promoted as Small Business Saturday.

This year’s holiday season started long before Thanksgiving because of the ongoing supply chain disruptions resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic. Toys and electronics may not arrive in time for the holidays due to delays in manufacturing or shipping. Many Americans start holiday shopping before Thanksgiving. The White House’s supply chain task force has been closely working with private companies to speed up the flow of goods.

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