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Things to Know Before Buying Manik (Ruby) Stone

by Uneeb Khan

The corundum mineral’s red variety is what is known as the ruby stone. The presence of tiny hints of chromium-which is present in around 1% amount in the stone, pumps the red color in the ruby. By absorbing particular wavelengths of light while reflecting light in the red portion of the visible light spectrum, the chromium atoms in the corundum mineral take the position of the aluminium atoms in the material.

Where can one find the real Manik stones?

The best rubies are found in Burma. Other countries that mine Rubies include Afghanistan, Australia, Cambodia, India, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, the United States, and Vietnam.

Features of natural ruby gemstones?
The most distinctive feature that identifies or characterizes a ruby is its most authentic, unique, and vivid coloration present.
The blood-red color of the ruby with a faint blue undertone is an uncommon hue. Real rubies have the most vivid red hues and the best cutting possible.

The most typical ruby forms are often round or cushion-shaped.
The smallest inclusions found over a ruby are one of its price factors and authenticity determining elements. Genuine rubies have even the tiniest impurities that resemble threads.
The hardness of the rubies is something that differentiates a fake ruby from a real one. The original rubies do not have any scratches or tints over them. The real rubies have a hardness of 9 scales in a Mohr’s hardness scale. This is what makes ruby hard, rigid, and unbreakable.

What are the benefits of the certified Manik stone?

Because the ruby gemstone is related with the Manipura chakra of the body, it affects the navel. Wearing this gemstone activates a sense of responsibility and enhances a person’s leadership qualities.
Wearing this stone also stimulates the spiritual sense of a person and keeps them calm and composed.
The astral power of the ruby gemstone protects the wearer from wounds caused by spears, swords, etc.
Ruby is known as the love stone. Wearing this stone significantly affects one’s married life or love life positively.
The ruby gemstone helps the wearer boost their confidence, enhance their concentration, and help in achieving their goals and dreams.
The rubies are also used to make jewellery, watches, medical devices, and other expensive elements.

What determines the price of the Manik stone?

Ruby’s excellent color and high quality make them rarer. Larger than one-carat rubies of good quality are very rare and expensive. With an increase in carat weight, the price of the ruby surges. The price per carat of a ruby increases with the size of the stone. Larger gemstones are extremely rare and difficult to find in the market.
On the other hand, smaller ruby stones are more accessible and less expensive than larger rubies.
Natural Ruby stone price starts from INR 5,000 ($60.40) to INR 25,000 ($302.02) per carat. The cost varies based on several elements, including color, size, shape, and others. Even though most rubies are substantially less expensive than diamonds of the same size, some of them can nevertheless fetch extremely high prices due to their great value.

Final thoughts

Finding an original ruby that contains all the qualities of a ruby is difficult. There will be inclusions with some minor defects present; a real ruby stone is hard to find.

Getting a real and certified ruby stone is a daunting task. Make your purchase from Navratan, the online gem bazar, we deal with the best quality and authentic ruby stones. You can find your perfect fit, best quality, original manik stone at best price.

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