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Things To Check Before Buying The Dakimakura Anime Body Pillow

by Faisal Sheikh

It doesn’t matter whether you buy it on your doctor’s recommendation or for your own cuddling; in both situations, you need one, and for that, knowing about it is essential. So, let’s discuss.

7 Things To Check Before Buying The Dakimakura Anime Body Pillow

Dakimakura body pillows are full body-length fluffy products, different from the random head pillows, and used for an entirely different purpose. From patients to pregnant women, doctors suggest these pillows for better and more relaxing nap time. The best thing is they provide ease to the spinal cord and helps people to correct their sleep position. 

But buying them is complicated because people don’t know what to check before making a purchase. So, keep reading to make a list that you have to keep in mind while choosing one for yourself. 

Check Size

Find the one that suits your desires. In the start, body pillows came in only one size or length, but now you will see 2 to 5 different sizes of pillows in the market. They are made for different sizes of people because many claims that what they get is not according to their size. And this is one of the leading causes why many ignore buying body pillows. 

Check Material

When it comes to material, you will get a number of options in the market. But do you know which goes well as dakimakura custom body pillow cases? The material is essential for quality or durability and keeps the printing of anime in mind. Because each material gives a different print result, that’s why instead of choosing any random one, select from my given list because they come with many advantages also. 

  • Peach Skin Velvet: This is a soft, shiny, smooth fabric with a plush layer. This durable material is stretch free and gives a warm feeling to the user. 
  • 2wt (Tricot): This wrinkle-free fabric has the capability to stretch in 2 ways. This material is elastic, smooth, and soft but, at the same time, durable and resistive. This fabric is best useable in all seasons. 
  • Tribute Silk: This fabric is also durable and perfect for printing your favorite anime. It is also wrinkle-free and is not easy to break down. 
  • Short Plush: The mixture of density and softness, this particular material offers a great feeling while you are sleeping using your dakimakura body pillow. The bright colors’ presence works as the most significant dealmaking point. 

Ease To Wash

One thing that many people think to ignore easily is the easy wash feature. Don’t go for the machine wash, especially in the case of anime body pillows, because there are chances of fading away of the color. 

The best is to use cold water, hand wash them and then let them dry in the air. The best trick from an anime body pillow user’s side is that flip the cover of your dakimakura body pillow inside out before washing. It keeps the color from fading and enhances the durability level of your body pillows. 


Check the price is crucial because you will see extraordinarily high and meager prices on the internet. Don’t buy the former, it costs you more, but it doesn’t mean choosing the latter, because the cheaper ones are not as good as they claim. So be cautious while making the decision. 

Check Reviews

Don’t forget to read the reviews of the previous purchasers before making a decision; it is really helpful for you to decide which company’s product will suit your needs and offers the best quality. 

Can I Customize Body Pillows

After buying a body pillow, the next thing that comes to mind is, “how to make this white royal body pillow a more lively thing?”By using custom body pillow cases. You know you can do it very easily; all you do is choose your favorite color, which you want to give your dakimakura pillows and a picture of your favorite anime character. And this gives you a warm feeling, emotional attachment, and the best buddy who helps make your sleep better and offers healthy benefits. 

You can easily customize your body pillow from Vograce as they provide quality products with durability. They offer different materials to choose from and also allow you to print different anime on separate pillows. Moreover, also you can print the anime on both sides with white background and add color to the whole product, which makes a more lively look. 

Regarding price, Vograce products are budget friendly and perfect for buying a single one for yourself and selling as a small business. In addition to price, they cost you reasonably and offer huge discounts without lowering the quality and easy shipment. 


I hope you get enough knowledge about the things to check before buying the dakimakura anime body pillow, so keep them in mind and buy one from Vograce with your favorite anime print on it.   

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