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The Book of Gates: The Most Interesting Trading Card Game NFT Yet

by Uneeb Khan
Book of Gates Trading Card Game NFT

With the Book of Gates Trading Card Game NFT about to drop, and looking sizzling, it’s time to take a closer look at what the blockchain has done to reinvent this ever-popular game style, and how it can amp up the gaming experience for enthusiasts.

What Is A Trading Card Game, Anyway?

Classic trading card games, like Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering, have been a staple for happy nerds and gaming enthusiasts for decades by now.

What few realize, however, is that they’ve come to occupy a beloved online gaming niche, too. There’s a ton of trading card-style games out there to enjoy already… but the blockchain is poised to reinvent how we enjoy them completely. 

Powered up by the blockchain, the potential to truly own the trading card you’re playing with, instead of simply consuming it from a publisher, is finally here. You can curate your own selection of unique ‘cards’, with the blockchain backing your ownership, and jump right into the universe of your choice. And now you can trade them more realistically than traditional online gaming has ever allowed (and with more chance of return on your investment, too). Traded through NFT marketplaces that support the collection, you can buy what you need, sell what you don’t, and get on with the fun.

The Book of Gates: Revolutionizing Trading Card Gaming and NFTs

In the case of the Book of Gates, an upcoming NFT collection we’re really rather excited about, this brings you 10,008 opportunities to build your collection.

Set in the world of Alexander Black’s graphic novel of the same name, the book of Gates takes you on an adventure through a dazzling landscape.

Hunt potions, weapons, and powerups. Join one of the murky secret Orders running things behind the scenes. Trade, play, and grow a landscape you’ll truly be creating as well as playing within. It’s all possible.

And there’s no need to be a blockchain expert to do any of it. Eschewing the older ‘tokenomics’ models, this one will play out as a pure trading game. No special knowledge needed. Just that old black magic we love so much!

This is a project we’re truly excited for, and there’s a ton of other features to explore if you’re interested. From a series of baffling hieroglyphic challenges on their Twitter that can earn you neat prizes, through the chance to net yourself one of a limited edition series of the inspiring graphic novel as an NFT in itself, there’s a host of immersion-deepening goodies to enjoy. While existing series fans are doubtless already sold on the project, there’s plenty for new faces to get pumped about, too. And with the Ethereum blockchain to back it, trading and selling your new NFTs should be as easy as pie, too. Their first-phase whitelist is already open, with the remainder of the roll-out scheduled through the end of the year if you’re looking to join in on this one.

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