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The Best Ways To Deal With The Mouse Around Your Home

by Mohamed Ali
Mouse Around Your Home

If you have just seen a mouse, then let me tell you are not alone because at least 15,000,000 households annually report the nuisance of mice everywhere. Living with the mouse is unbelievable, and It isn’t enjoyable at the same time. The mouse can quickly spread diseases to humans through urine and saliva and indirectly through ticks and fleas feed on the rodents.

How can you spot a mouse infestation?

Experts offering Mouse Control Ottawa suggest that whenever you see one mouse, you need to know that there are more just around that mouse. You need to know that only one female mouse can have around eight litters yearly, meaning she can produce 100 mice. 

As mice tend to be nocturnal, droppings would be the first sign of any infestation. The dropping generally looked like your average rice grains. The rat droppings are mostly more comprehensive and around half an inch in length. 

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Mice also leave other markings like they are always looking for food, so the kitchen would be the best spot to look for. It would be best if you always looked for gaps and cracks beside the baseboards or windows around the pipes. Mice can also get through the holes.

How Can You Get Rid of Mice?

Just like getting rid of any other silverfish pests or insects in your house, keeping mice away from your home is always good. It would be best if you always were cautious about the mice. Once you pick up on the signs that you have some unwelcome guests in the house, you must follow this procedure.

Look for the Entry Point

Before the mice can even get in your house, you must find out how they are coming in. You must look for cracks around your doors or window basements. Understand where they are coming from because the traps are randomly put overall the place. 

You need to put your best detective foot forward to understand where the mind is living or building the nests, and then you can set some traps around specific areas, as per experts offering Animal Control Ottawa.

Set Some Mouse Traps

One of the most effective ways to get rid of mice is by looking for mouse traps. It would be best to place the traps in vulnerable areas, like behind your dustbins or along the walls. Different mouse traps are available, so you can choose the one that aligns with your budget function and design. 

You can go for snap traps because they are one of the most prominent. It can quickly kill the mice, provided you use it correctly. Electric traps are also good As they can help you kill with electric shocks.

Clear Out All the Garages

Just like your houses, the mice might even like the car. If the mice get in the garage, they might just look forward to living there comfortably under the hood of your car, where the engine would be warm. 

Once they start living on the wires, they can indeed damage the vehicle to a great extent. You can prevent the mice from returning if you trap the problem areas with a rodent trap. While setting up a few mouse traps in the garage is a great thumb rule to follow to keep away all the unwanted pests. It would be best if you also sealed the garage.

You can also prevent future infestation by sealing off the entry points like seal caps with silicone caulk.

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