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The 7 Best Sites to Read Comic Books for Free

by Uneeb Khan
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Comic books are something of a niche genre. Plenty of comic book lovers enjoy reading about their favorite characters every day, but comics have traditionally been a costly hobby. Comic book stores might offer discounts, but the cost of perusing the shelves for hours on end is still pretty high for many people — especially those who don’t have unlimited funds to spend.

That’s why we put together this list on some great sites where you can find free (or nearly free) comic books! From Marvel and DC properties to indie comics, these websites will keep your wallet a little lighter while your interest in the exciting world of superheroes never dwindles.

Digital Comic Museum:

The Digital Comic Museum is hosted by the University of Maryland, and it’s a pretty useful resource for anyone who loves reading comics. They have thousands of pages from different titles, which makes this a great website if your favorite comic isn’t on our list below!

The Digital Comic Museum lets you browse through hilarious Marvel comics like X-Statix , as well as DC Comics’ spectacular The Brave and the Bold . You can also look at individual issues from Peter David’s Young Justice series — which are just $9.99 per volume in print form — along with many other great titles.

Comic Extra:

The Comic Extra website is another great site to browse through to find free comics. Like Digital Comic Museum , all of the comics are scanned and stored in the site’s database, so you won’t have to worry about missing a favorite read!

Comic Fodder:

Another website focused on finding free comics, Comic Fodder also has tons of excellent titles available for you to read without being prompted. All you need to do is download the entirety of a series and start reading! The site does not host individual issues, but there are plenty of titles that can be found here for free.

Comixology :

Another site where you can download free comics is Comixology . With this site, you won’t have to worry about searching through websites that may disappear or just not have the comic you want at the time. You can use this website to download the entire run of a comic series, get it on your iPad, or read it on your mobile device.

Dark Horse:

This is a comic book publisher that specializes in creating licensed comics on famous pop culture franchises, including properties such as Game of Thrones and Mass Effect.Comic Book Universe: This website is an archive of free comic books and allows readers to download them fully or read them digitally.

Comic Book Reader:

While the site allows you to read a few comics, it puts most focus on its vast collection of superhero related manga. There are also a host of other categories for comic fans to explore here, from celebrity gossip sites all the way to satirical websites aimed at middle school students. Manhwa readers and manga comics are available for free at Webtoon Xyz.

Comics Online:

 For both new and experienced readers alike, this website hosts everything from personal blogs about reading comics to reviews for new titles.

Read Full Comic:

This is a website for the new generation of comic book fans that are no longer satisfied with illegal downloads, but instead want to support the industry through legal means. If you’re not familiar with Comic Book Reader, this is the place to go.

Comic Book Search Engine:

This site allows readers to type in a superhero’s name and see what images come up on search engines such as Google and Yahoo. If you’re looking for an image of Superman, this website will have tons of options.

Comic Fatales: This website is all about women in comics and their role in storytelling. It even has a group on Facebook if you want to discuss comics among female friends online.

Graphite Comics:

A website that acts as an archive of fan content and allows readers to browse through many different user submitted comics. One of the most recent additions to the website is a section for free short comic strips.

Comic Bloc: This site hosts a database of free comic strips, which you can access using a simple database search function or browsing by categories such as favorite characters or by character age. You will have to register your email address in order to gain full access, but it’s completely free and completely legal. The author clearly puts a lot of time into maintaining this site, and it’s well worth taking the time to visit it and browse the comics on offer here.

Read Comics Online:

This website is a perfect place for new comic book fans to start their careers. It has a vast database of links to free comics, which are divided by categories, so that you can easily find the type of comic you’re looking for.

Comic Book Reader: This is one of the oldest comic sites on the web and is still one of the most comprehensive archives in existence. If you’re looking to read something different and want to try out new series, this website is an excellent resource. For example, if you couldn’t quite get into Game of Thrones, but love science fiction, then give Mass Effect a try-it’s perfect for anyone who loves Star Wars or Star Trek but wants something on a slightly smaller scale

One More for the Road is a website hosted by the University of Maryland that offers tons of different comics for free. There are hundreds upon hundreds here in addition to a few from Digital Comic Museum .

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