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Telegram, A Multi-Purpose Chatting App

by Uneeb Khan

Telegram is a chatting app; it works just like WhatsApp, even better in terms of usage. Even though Telegram’s interface is a bit complex and hectic, it is still used by many people worldwide. It is based in Dubai, UAE. With five mega data centers worldwide. It was launched on 14 August 2013 for iOS. Later, on 20 October 2013, it was officially launched for Android. 

Telegram is a mega-giant in the chat app industry. It provides chats and calls features, not only P2P chats. It allows you to organize group conversations in business, academic, and other tenacities. 

Telegram is a direct messaging app that permits you to send and receive messages with your contacts. However, it doesn’t show the contact number but only the name. 

In some instances, Telegram might restrict you from using the app, which can be a geo-restriction or technical issue. Therefore, the use of a VPN can be beneficial; We recommend you choose the ExpressVPN free trial to ensure that it can easily bypass all the restrictions of the app, then eventually make your choice and get a good subscription package. 

Clones of Telegram

Telegram is an Open-source streaming platform that lets anyone steal the source code and rebuild a clone version of Telegram. There exist some copy apps of Telegram, such as WebZ and WebK. Everything within the source code of Telegram is open to the public. Unlike the source code, the server is highly secured and is made proprietary.

Telegram is encrypted, private, secure, and independent, making it a better alternative to WhatsApp, owned by the giant meta. 

Important Telegram Stats

Telegram has seen a massive increase of 175% since 2018. It now has more than 550 million monthly active users.

  •  Telegram is among the top five chatting apps across iOS & Android globally.
  • There are approximately 56 million daily active users.
  •  An individual telegram user spends around 3 hours on the app each month.
  •  The user base includes 42% female and 58% male users.

Top competitors of Telegram

1. WhatsApp.

2. GroupMe.

3. Line.

4. WeChat.

5. Kakao Talk (KaTalk).

6. Kik Messenger.

7. Viber.

8. Discord.

9. Yabb Messenger.

10. Facebook Messenger.

Why Telegram is ‘open source.’

Developers let an app stay open source only because the public and security experts can inspect the app for weaknesses. It can be beneficial and harmful at the same time.

Our apps are open-source and support reproducible builds. Telegram welcomes any developer who can autonomously see the code, find the bugs, and provide suggested edits.

What’s so special about Telegram? Are Telegram messages secure?

Being a unique app, Telegram is setting new milestones and becoming famous because of its ‘Secret Chat’ feature associated with its proprietary MTProto Protocol.  

It encrypts all confidential data with a private message function. It generates a “self-destruct” that deletes the message after a set time.

1. Fast, Easy, Safe

Telegram is one of the fast, easy, and most secure applications. Telegram frequently mentions privacy because it only enhances conversations by displaying usernames and does not require you to reveal your phone number to others. The Telegram team explains that the two most essential components of online privacy should be private conversations and the protection of the personal data of third parties.

2. Mega users’ group

Telegram groups allow up to 200,000 users, while WhatsApp only allows a limited user group, making it very difficult for big brands to update audiences in real time via messaging apps.

3. file size

The maximum file size you can send/transfer on Telegram is 2GB, while on WhatsApp, it’s 16MB. 1. Unlimited server storage

4. Telegram offers unlimited storage.

That means all your text messages, images, media files, and documents are stored in the cloud. It allows you to download files anytime, anywhere. You can view your active sessions and see which devices you’re currently signed in to. You can log out and log in again and again from any number of devices at the same time without losing data. Don’t worry about backup and restore.

There is no limit to downloading and sending files. You can send and receive as many files as you want. You can upload single files up to a maximum size of 2GB. 

5. Media compression

Users can choose to compress images and videos or send uncompressed original versions. For example, JPEG images can be sent raw or compressed. Select the Send uncompressed option if you want to keep the same quality.

6. Communicate without a phone number

You can communicate with anyone through Telegram, even if you don’t have someone else’s contact number. You can send messages within the group without exposing your phone number. It ensures the confidentiality of the user’s contact number. I read somewhere that currently (January 2021), WhatsApp plans to roll out this feature soon.

7. Channel

Channels are like groups that can have an unlimited number of members. Channel creators can decide who can post, and other members can see their posts.

8. multi-platform support

Telegram is available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows PC, Mac OS, Linux OS, and even any browser.

9. Secret chat

A secret chat is an end-to-end encrypted chat that allows you to set a self-destruct timer. When the timer hits, the message will automatically be deleted. It may not be hackable in any way. 

10. Bot

A program based on AI and machine learning is being implemented. It can perform various tasks. For example, an image bot can get an image from its name.

There are several types of bots. Popular bots are image bots, sticker bots, and GIF bots.

11. Voice and video calls

The latest Telegram version supports voice and video calling, which has long been lacking compared to WhatsApp. The user experience for this feature is almost identical on both platforms. Not much difference is observed. 

12. Send any file

Users can send any file through Telegram. WhatsApp limits videos, images, and document files, which is very difficult for many users.

13. Multiple sessions

Telegram users can be logged into multiple devices simultaneously and receive messages on all of them. You can also have your browser remember your session. It’s a great feature.


These features of Telegram distinctly make Telegram better than its top competitors like WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, and others. Sometimes the app doesn’t work fine to share large files or connect to different group chats, or Telegram might not be operational in the places where you live. In this case, you will need a VPN that can evade the restrictions of Telegram regardless of obstacles and other reasons. We recommend you choose the ExpressVPN free trial to ensure the qualities and features first, then get yourself a subscription. 

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