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Tata Motors To Spend Billions On EVs: Should You Invest?

by Junaid Awan

The Indian Electrical Vehicles industry is geared up for an obvious future of renewable energy, and it is already seeing significant changes. EVs are a relatively newer sector in Indian business, a sector that is bound to explode into a highly profitable business. Therefore, it is no wonder several motor companies seek to dominate the industry. Recently, Tata Motors announced that it would be investing billions of dollars in electric vehicles. Tata share price suddenly surged, and more investors became interested in Tata stocks. Moreover, after Tata Motors, shares of Tata Technologies have started to catch buyers’ eyes. Let us give you a detailed overview of Tata’s fundraising plans, investment plans, and experts’ take on reasons to buy Tata Motors unlisted shares. Check Tata share price at stockify.

Talks of Spending Rs. 15000 Billion On EVs and Electrification

Tata Motors is a leader, with 71 percent of EV users choosing it for their vehicles. Since inception, 10,000+  Nexon EVs have been sold. Mahindra and Mahindra and Suzuki are offering little competition. Mahindra has two popular EVs in its portfolio – Mahindra XUV400 and Mahindra E Verito. In contrast, Tata’s Tiago EV, Tigor EV, and Nexon EV have been in high demand. 

Now Tata Motors plans to take the game to the next level. The company’s leaders are strict advocates of electrification. Tata Motors went through fundraising with the objective of expansion in the coming five years. The management has been actively discussing with authority figures and investors to fund its ambitious ventures. The conglomerate signed a deal to procure USD 1 billion from TPG’s Rise Climate Fund and Abu Dhabi state holding company ADQ. With that in effect, TPG and ADQ will have an 11% and 15% ownership of the new EV unit. This has increased the company’s valuation to USD 9.1 billion. Rumours have it that the company is also in discussion with Mubadala Investment Company, Singapore’s Temasek Holdings, Saudi Arabia-headquartered Public Investment Fund (PIF), and KKR and General Atlantic. 

The company plans to invest Rs. 15,000 crores ( USD 2 billion) to expand its electric vehicle plants, manufacture more, and establish more charging stations nationwide. “As far as the future is concerned, in the next five (years), we will invest Rs 15,000 crore in electrification. We will work on nearly ten products with different body styles, prices, and driving range options,” Chandra stated. Chandra sighted Aurangabad as the perfect place to begin this venture and announced the supply of 101 electric vehicles to the city’s citizens as the first batch. The move aligned with the Aurangabad Mission for Green Mobility (AMGM). 

How Has Tata Share Price On NSE Reacting To Everything?

Tata Share Price NSE is Rs 417 currently. The stock prices suddenly rose in January 2021, but the overall trend has been uncertain. 

After 20 February, the share prices began their downward journey and dipped from Rs. 442 to Rs. 417. The comparative analysis of Tata stocks reveals that the prices declined 5.65% in the last week. Historically, the share prices have suffered a loss of 6.21% in the previous month and 9.09% in the last year. If you look at the trend over three years, the share prices have registered a growth of 187.75%.

Amidst the unstable share prices of Tata Motors, the general reaction to the stocks remains to buy unlisted shares. Look at the analysis and experts’ votes on purchasing Tata shares. 

73% of the experts vote to buy more stocks, while 10% predict it to outperform. Only 10% recommend holding, and 3% suggest you sell it. Moreover, the near future forecast on the share prices shows a significant fraction of high, which is expected to rise more in the months to follow. 

If you evaluate the market of electric vehicles in India, you can spot a fashion of growth. In 2023, people are opting for electric vehicles as their first cars and switching from conventional fuel-based cars to EVs. Petroleum prices are not under control, and more governments are prioritising renewable energy sources. The automotive industry is expected to be among the most important contributors to the green revolution. People will shift to electric vehicles and skip the skyrocketing gas prices. The government of India also plans to aid this cause and provides subsidies for electric cars. These reasons make investing in Tata Motors a glorious opportunity for you. If you wish to learn about critical performance and market trends to understand if you should invest in Tata Motors and other brands, Stockify is the place to learn about them. Connect with them and start investing now!

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