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Striking Facts About Aboriginal Art That Makes It Extremely Unique

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Aboriginal art is one of the oldest forms of artistic expression all over the world. Some art carvings found in the Arnhem Land of the Northern Territory date back almost 60,000 years. These artists created carvings, paintings, and ground designs using natural elements such as rocks and soil. This ancient form of art has evolved over the years and is known as Aboriginal art. You can visit stores and galleries to view indigenous art for sale. This article explores some of the unique characteristics of Aboriginal art that separate it from other art forms.

Aboriginal Art Can Be Produced Only by Aboriginal Artists

This would seem like a no-brainer, but it holds significant value to the art. Aboriginal art is only considered authentic if painted by people native to that tribe. Non-indigenous people do not have the authority to paint Aboriginal artwork; even if they do, it wouldn’t have any significance. However, a non-indigenous person is not completely barred from producing such art because there are several workshops (with aboriginal instructors) where anyone can learn about this art form.

To Paint a Certain Story, an Artist Would Require Permission

An aboriginal artist is denied permission to paint a story that is not a part of their lineage. Each artist must stick to the lore and techniques native to the tribe they were born into. If anyone seeks to paint a tale related to sacred or historical details of other communities, they would first need to seek permission before proceeding.

Dots in the Paintings Were Used to Conceal Meanings from White Australians

This statement would seem like it was straight out of a thriller movie. Back in the day, Aboriginal people developed dot paintings when they feared that the non-indigenous people could decrypt their secret messages. This form obscured meanings from outsiders while allowing only Aboriginals to discern them. This has of late become one of the most widely-known styles, mainly thanks to the Pintupi tribe of Western Australia and can be found on various platforms that offer indigenous art for sale.

Symbols Hold Prominence in Aboriginal Art

As an Aboriginal art piece is a form of storytelling, each tribe has its set of symbols. The most iconic symbols of various tribes are waterholes, eagle feet, and digging sticks. In some rare cases, colours may have a meaning attached to them as well. Warm tones represent the earth, and blue tones represent the oceans and seas. These symbols could be used as tools to educate children and adults alike. While each work of iconography may be subjective, the essence of the meaning being conveyed remains the same.

Layers of Meaning

Aboriginal art has personal and communal meaning. However, artworks contain several layers. Each is meant to communicate with different audiences. The first and most basic layer speaks to the children and the public. The intermediate level is generally directed to mature audiences. And the final level speaks on a ceremonial or a spiritual level. Aboriginal artists must comprehend all these levels to visualise the story they wish to communicate in the most detailed manner possible.

In Conclusion

Similar to most art forms, Aboriginal art has a lot of history and culture embedded in it that hold great value to the indigenous people. People have begun to realise the uniqueness and importance of aboriginal art, which is why these pieces have been gaining tremendous demand and can be found in most art stores and websites that put up indigenous art for sale. Find the best art centres and take home a beautiful, meaningful work of art.

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