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Some Facts About The Items Packed in Custom Jewelry Boxes

by Uneeb Khan

Custom jewelry boxes are available in all shapes, sizes, dimensions, and layouts. They are used by retailers, brands, and jewelry manufacturers to display, store and sell their jewelry items. As you reach for the custom jewelry packaging to wear your favorite jewelry items tonight, you might want to share a few fun facts with your friends.

The oldest jewelry made by humans consists of beads that were crafted from shells. They are not packaged in any custom jewelry packaging. They are resting in some secure and temperature-controlled glass display case in a museum. These beads were crafted some hundred thousand years ago. I wonder if primitive humans knew how jewelry items will evolve with time. How it will give rise to industry later on, where the jewelry items will be packed in attractive custom jewelry boxes as breathtaking as the items inside.

Customized Jewelry Packaging of Gems

The customized jewelry packaging of gems like diamonds is mesmerizing. These gems sit on a cushion inside their custom jewelry packaging boxes. These mini cushions help in displaying the diamonds in a better way. Often the customized jewelry packaging has a window patch on the lid. So that the customers can view the stones and gems without opening them. But did you that diamonds were first discovered in India? For fourteen centuries, the world believed India was the only place on earth where diamonds could be mined or found.

It was in the mid-nineteenth century when South African twenty-one-carat diamonds were discovered, making the country the leading supplier of diamonds in the world.  However, the diamond is not the only valuable stone on the planet. A flawless ruby’s worth is a lot more than a diamond. The only problem is almost all rubies are flawed. A flawless ruby is a rare find.

One of the most selling items in the jewelry industry is an engagement ring. These come in all sizes and often are sold in custom boxes for jewelry. Only a percent of couples selected a diamond for engagement rings. But the diamond is the first choice of couples today. The packaging companies that craft custom jewelry boxes for businesses like the jewelry industry are provided with important details of jewelry items. Attributes like their dimensions etc. are shared for manufacturing precise custom boxes for jewelry can be prepared.

The traditions of primitive civilizations were very different from the modern world traditions. Did you know they used live insects as jewelry? Beetles and roaches were worn by men and women of the ancient world. They even wore it to their battlefields. I wonder what kind of customized jewelry packaging will be suitable for such jewelry today.

Luxury Packaging Boxes

Speaking of customized jewelry packaging, the customers can select custom luxury jewelry boxes for the items they buy to present them memorably. These luxury jewelry boxes are referred to as custom rigid boxes, which are crafted from the sturdiest cardboard stocks available. These cardboard stocks are print-friendly. They can also be crafted from biodegradable stock to reduce the cost.

The biodegradable material is made from recycled material and thus does not require much processing. Premium quality offset printing techniques are used on custom rigid boxes to give them unique and distinct looks. However, more add-ons are added to the design elements of the boxes to highlight them. It gives an elegant overall look to these boxes making them a perfect packaging solution for premium jewelry items.


If you are a jewelry brand then never ignore the importance of branding your jewelry boxes. Give your customers something to remember you in the form of a brand name, symbol, logo, or tagline so that they can recognize your products the next time they see them. Custom magnetic closure boxes can help to implant a memory in customers’ minds. Moreover, always order your custom jewelry packaging from revered names in the packaging industry that has proficient teams like the ClipnBox.

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