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Skills for Life: The Importance of Disability Support Services

by Uneeb Khan
Disability Support Services

Everyone has an equal right to make the most of any opportunity and accomplish the greatest things for themselves. NDIS in Australia helps you get reasonable and required support from care providers. This is useful for you to live a life of comfort and dignity with reliable assistance in your day-to-day activities. It becomes easier for you to achieve your life goals when you have access to life skills training and various group activities. There are several registered NDIS service providers like Fowzcare who can assist you with several disability support services.

Why is it Important to Have Disability Support Services?

The disability support services have been designed to help you as an individual with a disability to meet life challenges head-on. The nature of your disability may make it difficult for you to complete daily essential tasks that others consider routine and simple. With the help of support providers with specialisation in helping people with disabilities, you can easily complete your daily chores.

Benefits of Disability Support Services:

  1. Makes you Independent: If you are a person with any form of disability, you may need assistance in daily activities like bathing, combing, grooming, eating, and drinking. With NDIS services, you have access to trained care providers who help you with these tasks. You also get support workers for household work like cooking meals, washing and ironing clothes, and general handyman services. This helps you become independent and live with peace of mind, which is important for being able to focus on other things.
  2. Helps you learn skills: The disability support services also help you learn new skills that are employable and also boost your self-confidence. You decrease dependency on your loved ones and can acquire the skill sets that are essential in the job market. This skill learning can be part of your goals and in line with your NDIS plan.
  3. Relief to primary caregiver: Various facilities in your NDIS plan can also help you provide relief to the primary caregiver. In most cases, the one who takes care of you all the time is a family member. He or she may have other business and personal commitments or may simply become stressed or fatigued. The NDIS support workers allow your primary caregiver the much-required relief and freedom to attend to other duties or get the respite that they need.
  4. Access to counselling: With disability support services, you also have access to counselling from experienced counsellors. Different therapies and counselling are an important part of the NDIS services and help participants with physical or mental restrictions. It is good to enhance your self-esteem, boost confidence, and look beyond the restricted or “straitjacket worldview” that disability tends to impose.

How do You Get Disability Support Services?

Most people with disabilities are entitled to significant support under NDIS disability support services. You must be a participant in the NDIS to get the benefits of its services from registered support providers. If you or your loved one who has any kind of disability is not enrolled or covered by NDIS, it is better to approach the NDIS plan manager of your area for the same or apply through the NDIS website. You can also take the services of a registered NDIS service provider like Fowzcare which can assist you in applying for NDIS.

The Social Model of Disability

Once you submit the required documents and meet the NDIS plan manager, based on the medical reports and their evaluation matrix the NDIS funding is approved. NDIS itself does not provide these services but allows you to hire -registered service providers for it. You can discuss with the NDIS service provider and avail of all services that are detailed in your plan that has been provided funding. Moreover, you can regularly monitor and request corrections or modifications to the NDIS plan as per requirement. You can also change your service provider if you are not happy with them or if you want to enrol in a centre near your home.

Types of Disability Supports

The following are some of the disability support services that you can apply for according to your NDIS plan and the goals detailed in it:

Group And Centre Based Activities NDIS
• NDIS Social and Community Participation
• NDIS Household Tasks
• Innovative Community Participation
• Assistance With Travel/Transport
• Assistance With Personal Activities
• Assist Life Stage Transition NDIS
NDIS Accommodation/Tenancy
• Supported Independent Living

Steps to Successfully Navigating the New System

Wondering how to utilise your NDIS plan to the fullest? Here are a few tips to get the best out of your NDIS plan:

Understand NDIS working: This may seem basic to you, but it is still important. Know and understand how NDIS works, and how to get enrolled in it. If you face difficulty in applying or understanding any unfamiliar terms, you can take the help of online resources, tutorials, and audio guides. You can also reach out to an NDIS plan expert at any registered agency to enhance your knowledge.

Know the NDIS pricing: You should know the NDIS maximum pricing or cap on every kind of service. This information is available on the official NDIS website. Ensure that your NDIS service provider is adhering to the same to get the best services without overpaying or any delay on payments as well as issues during plan reviews.

Have goal clarity: Always have goal clarity as these are the mid and long-term goals for an individual, supported by government authority. While your NDIS plan manager and service provider both evaluate and include them in the plan, you can definitely provide your expectations for the same. You should give your input on what should be included in the goals as per the nature of the disability and your requirements.

If you are looking for a trusted yet affordable NDIS provider in Melbourne, you can check Fowzcare. They are a registered NDIS service provider with a high rating amongst their beneficiaries. You can check their list of services at https://fowzcare.com.au/ and contact them by email for more details. Email at info@fowzcare.com.au or call on 0469 708 244 or (03) 9088 6463.

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