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Significance of Color Red in FMCG Product Logo Designs

by Uneeb Khan
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A strong logo can be the perfect pitch to trigger human emotions and behavior. Many retailers succeed in selling their products and generating a buzz through initial impressions. It also serves as a point of contact with customers. The logo should be gripping and attractive to ensure a prompt sale. Companies implement a variety of strategies to work towards brand individuality. To achieve it, they provide the best logo design in the USA to maintain distinction and lead among the competition. A prominent logo is crucial to building a successful brand.

How a seller perceives its consumers become obvious with the kind of branding style they pick and practice.

Making a logo might not seem the most important thing to do when considering all that goes into starting a business. But if you look at it from a futuristic lens – you will start thinking differently. FMCG (Fast Manufacturing Consumer Goods) trade is all the more demanding.

So, what makes a logo significant?

People like logos that demand attention and leave a memorable impression. These emblems form the basis of brand identity, communicating ownership, value, and quality. Relatable logos are a necessary ingredient that plays a massive role in encouraging brand loyalty; brands can interestingly evoke specific emotions through different features, and one such factor is color. 

Color psychology is a fascinating concept

Logos work wonders in the communication field. It links the product or service with the customer, ensuring positive emotions and physiological responses. An FMCG brand can rapidly capture customers’ attention with a color that best suits their requirements and image. Logos can create excitement and prompt reactions from the target audience. 

Selling items that fall into the fast-moving consumer goods category requires consideration towards a larger mass.

Since you produce it in bulk, you deal with considerable risk. Consumer rejection leads to the waste of large produce. It is the primary reason that FMCG companies consider the look of their brands as much as they care about what goes inside packaging.

To connect to a large audience, FMCG companies must adhere to every aspect with acuity. For example, packaging material, running costs, and more. With respect to logo design, companies such as Nestle, Unilever, and others ensure that their logo is appropriately branded to provide a wider customer base and more sales.

The Remarkable Red

When it comes to the color red – it propagates different meanings in different circumstances. For instance, it is considered a danger in the health sector. At the same time, it represents passion and love for newly married couples. Interestingly, it is linked with brand consumerism, mainly fast-moving consumer goods. The reason is its psychology behind it: stimulating strong emotions and boosting hunger.

Many production plants use red in their packaging, branding, and logo.

The research shows its consequences tend to be encouraging. Coca-Cola is the leading example of this. KFC, McDonald’s, and many other dominant fast food restaurant chains also go with this color. FMCG brands sometimes add a spark of red, among different colors, to rouse reactions. Frito Lay (maker of lays chips) is one such instance.

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