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Should I Hire a Lawyer to Patent my New Technology?

by Mohamed Ali
Hire a Lawyer to Patent my New Technology

If you have an invention or idea that you want to bring into the market and you believe it will change the globe, help people, or even bring entertainment, then you probably want to protect it. You can protect your invention by obtaining a patent, which will prevent other people from using, making, or selling your invention. The best way to do this is by retaining an attorney to help you get that patent quickly and easily. An intellectual property attorney will give you the reliable help you need to protect your invention legally. You should hire a lawyer to patent your new technology because the attorney has the tools necessary.


First, it’s important to hire a lawyer who is skilled in this field. The best thing about hiring a lawyer to help you obtain a patent is, you do not need to know all the intricate details about the patent process. The attorney is knowledgeable about all facets of intellectual property law and will handle all the necessary procedures for you.

The lawyer will help with Documentation and filing

Even though drafting the patent application and filing the patent seem straightforward, they are not. You will need to follow various guidelines. Patent lawyers understand all the filing requirements and know how to properly draft patent applications. Thus, when you retain an attorney, your chances of succeeding will increase.

The professional knows the patent process

Many patent attorneys specialize in patents and trademarks. Therefore, they know and understand the entire process that a patent goes through before being approved. Patent approval can take about two years. A lawyer will help you avoid missing deadlines or overlooking important requirements, to reduce the time, the patent will take to get approved.

It will save time

Business owners may become preoccupied with different aspects of their businesses like recruitment, operations, marketing, and logistics. They focus on achieving the business goals they have set for the year. Therefore, if you are a business owner who is very busy running his or her business, you should consider outsourcing the responsibility of filing the patent to a knowledgeable and qualified attorney. In this way, you will have ample time to run your business while the patent process is being handled by a professional.

The attorney will give you legal advice

Since a patent lawyer will understand your invention and business goals, they will advise you on the type of patent to obtain or whether you should file a provisional patent application or not. In addition, the legal professional will advise you on other sections of the patent process like non-disclosure agreements and the timing requirements.

The complex process will be simplified

The patent process is very complex and has some obstacles which, if not avoided, can cause the loss of legal rights. A qualified patent attorney can help you avoid the risks and get a granted patent. You can rest easy knowing that your patent is safe and in good hands. 


You should retain a lawyer to patent your new technology if you want the process to be quick and smooth. Patent lawyers have a lot of knowledge, experience, and expertise to guide you through this challenging process and help you obtain a granted patent. They will make sure you have everything necessary for a standard patent and that your technology is safe from being taken from the public Read more

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