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Shortest Player in Major League Baseball

by Uneeb Khan
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He was once officially listed at 5-foot-7, but things got out. Despite his size, he is one of Major League Baseball’s biggest stars, as his seven MLB All-Star appearances prove. As his Astros fight the Atlanta Braves for the 2021 World Series, Altiv will be the shortest player on the field, but is he the shortest player in the big leagues?

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Jose Altuve Has Heard A Lot About His Height

Back in 2011 when Altuve was a rookie with the Astros, a lot was made of his height. He could hit a baseball with the best of them, and his defense was great, but not many could see his size. When he jumped into the big leagues with a double-A ball, Astros manager Brad Mills approached Boston Red Sox manager Terry Francona about his new infielder.

According to The Houston Chronicle, Mills said, “Tell (Dustin) Pedroia is no longer the shortest guy in major league baseball.”

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According to The Houston Chronicle, Altuve was officially listed at 5-foot-7, but on at least one occasion, he admitted to being 5-foot-6. He is now officially listed at 5-foot-6.

“Wherever I go, people talk about my size,” Altuve said back in his rookie year. “I’m OK with that. I just want to show everyone that the little guys can play in the little leagues and the big leagues.”

He has proven he belongs in Major League Baseball. In addition to his seven All-Star appearances, he was the American League MVP in 2017 after hitting .346 and led the majors with 204 hits. 

Jose Altuve Is The Youngest Current Player In Major League Baseball

According to The Sporting News, Altuve tied another player this year as the youngest player ever to appear in an MLB game. Oakland Athletics second baseman Tony Kemp, who appeared in 131 games this year, is also listed at 5-foot-6.

Since 2000, Altuve, Kemp, Alexei Amarista, Danny Herrera, David Eckstein, and Donny Sadler have been the only MLB players to follow suit in a game at 5-foot-6.

Eddie Gedel was the youngest player to appear in a game

Seventy years ago, on August 19, 1951, Eddie Gedel made history as the youngest player to participate in a Major League Baseball game. Gesell was an actor in the Chicago area, and Bill Weeks, the owner of the St. Louis Browns, did a lot of stunts. This happened during a doubleheader against the Detroit Tigers.

Gedel was in his early 20s and stood 3 foot-7. The Browns celebrated their 50th anniversary in the American League and Gedel passed out with a large birthday cake in between games. He continued to wear a jersey numbered 1/8 on his back in the Brown dugout.

As Brown came to bat at the bottom of the Knight Caps’ first innings, he made history. Frank Saussure was the one to lead for the Browns. To his surprise, he is called back by Gedel and pinched.

According to KSDK.com, Saucier said, “I started to move on and the umpire gave time and said, ‘There’s going to be a pinch hitter.’ And then from the dugout, Eddie Gedel came up with a small bat on his shoulder.”, Saucier is 95 years old and is living in Texas as of August 2021.

Gedel walked on four pitches.

the third base side. I said, ‘You made it down to the first base. stopped.’ He said, ‘Man… I felt like Babe Ruth.'”

Jones is a brave icon who spent his entire 19-year MLB career with the Braves. He is beloved by Atlanta fans for the work he did on the field during his time with the organization. He said he still has people to thank him for what he did.

That’s where you get the feeling that you’re part of their family. When they say thank you, I’m thinking to myself, ‘Man All I did was child’s play.'”

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