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Sculpt your abs with our top 5 abs exercises.

by Uneeb Khan

The best abdominal exercises are exercises that strengthen and strengthen the abdominal muscles. Stunning abs are beautiful for both men and women. Show that you value food quality more than the processed waste available today. Show that you care about your health and prefer a clean lifestyle to a dirty one.

Here are 5 best abs exercises you can use to make your tummy sexy, fit and slim.

Hair Push Up – Put your butt on the ball and put your hands on your chest. Bring your head to your knees and it is important to tighten and release the abdominal muscles. Return to the starting position. You don’t have to work hundreds, 25 strong enough with good abs.

Pushups – What are pushups? Yes, push ups strengthen the abdomen and are perfect for the chest and the entire core. 3 sets of 25 repetitions are sufficient. In the second group, you should begin to feel the burning sensation in the abdominal muscles.More info click on this link 

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Madison Ball Lift – I like this exercise for the lower abs, it’s a difficult exercise, but people really help explain the lower abs. Put the ball between your ankles and be sure to use a 4-5 pound ball. Anything heavy can cause injury. Now lie on your back, lift your legs 10 inches off the floor and contract your abdominal muscles. Repeat this and you will feel irritated. This is one of the best abs exercises you can do.

Pray – This is a great idea if you have a pull-down machine. Sit on your knees and grab the rope and pull it down until your head rests on your groin. I always end my abdominal routine with this movement.

Toes – Lie on your back and lift your left leg towards the ceiling, then try to touch your left toes with your right hand. This is a great cross training exercise that allows you to stretch your abdominal muscles. Make sure you work on it slowly.

Hope these five abs exercises help you get the body you want. Building core strength is fun, and the great thing about ab workouts is that you can do a variety of exercises.

How did you get to the ground?

Grounding is an exercise designed to help you focus on the present moment. Exercise reconnects the body’s energy with Mother Earth’s energy. These exercises are very useful for people who have had disturbing experiences, especially those who feel dizzy and empty after recovery or energy work, as well as for those who feel stressed, nervous or anxious. Do These can be very helpful for people who can’t feel their whole body, especially their legs.

You will need to develop active roots because you want to fully strengthen your energy, fully manifest and retain energy, and connect with the healing powers on earth. A solid foundation is found when you are able to land and cultivate at low energy which reaches high energy. These energies are fully embodied in upward vibrations. The human energy field is divided into two holes. One allows contact between the energy of the body and the earth and the other allows the cosmic energy to flow directly. Both need to be opened to allow proper flow of energy into the body.

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