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Room schedule Displays: The KiwiSign Difference

by Uneeb Khan
room schedule display

Do you use room schedule displays in your office building? If you’re like most businesses, the answer is probably no, or you have some old-fashioned method of getting this information to your employees and keeping it there. Whether you need scheduling reminders in break rooms or just want to be able to keep track of what meeting rooms are free throughout the day, room schedule displays can make all the difference in helping your employees get their jobs done efficiently and effectively. With conference room schedule displays from KiwiSign, however, they’ll be wondering how they ever lived without them!

(content) What Makes Kiwisign Products So Different From Others On The Market?

No more markers or dry-erase boards! The Kiwisign products have a glass surface, which can be written on with dry-erase markers. Simply rub out what you need to erase and redo it when you want to change it. This helps reduce mistakes and saves time from having to constantly wipe off your board and start over. The glass surface is also incredibly durable, meaning no matter how many times you accidentally bump into it, your display will not crack or break. Furthermore, there are a variety of different materials in which our room sign holders come in – if the metal is your style or wood matches your décor better, we’ve got you covered!

(content) How Is Your Company Doing It Differently?

When it comes to room scheduling, there are two different methods that your company can adopt. The first is a manual approach, which requires employees to write out meeting room reservations on large pieces of paper taped to walls around your office building. This may have worked before for large organizations with lots of conference rooms, but it is inefficient and outdated for most small businesses in today’s world. The second is a digital system that stores all reservations electronically and has employees input their requests through an app or website. However, these digital systems require constant updating and maintenance.

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(content) What Customers Love About It:

The bright, vibrant colors make it easy to see from a distance and I love its touchscreen. I’m usually in a hurry when I check out available rooms and trying to manually check calendars or call coworkers is just an unnecessary hassle. Plus, my phone doesn’t have good reception in our building so sometimes I need to send an email across campus to another coworker anyway so having a touchscreen makes it even easier. There are even some hotels that have started using Kiwisign for their guestroom scheduling which is amazing! (content) How business owners can get started with it: Getting your hands on one of these beauties takes no time at all!

(content) What If I Need Help Getting Started?

We have a dedicated support team standing by to help get you up and running. If you need any assistance, our team is just an email or phone call away. We’ll also include everything you need in your pack. No additional purchases are required! Want to learn more? Check out our ‘FAQ’ page on our site.

(Content) Anything Else We Should Know?

We offer a wide variety of sizes, ranging from small to medium, so your company can enjoy maximum flexibility. Plus, our conference room signs are incredibly easy to install and use. We even provide a quick-start guide to make installation an absolute breeze for first-time users. For added convenience, our products are backed by a one-year warranty—we want you to love them as much as we do!


The purpose of a support page is to answer any questions or concerns that customers may have about your product, service, or company. You can add all of your frequently asked questions (FAQs) to a single support page on your website. It’s best to provide an email address for users who would like additional assistance. Also, make sure you’re providing an easy means for customers to contact you so that they aren’t left in limbo if there is an issue with their order or any other issue with their interaction with your business. Make sure that you and anyone else at your business monitor incoming emails from your customers so that you are able to respond promptly.

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