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Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor for Your Home or Business

by Uneeb Khan
Roofing Contractor

Properly maintaining a home or business is an important part of ensuring the structure is safe and protected from a variety of issues. One of the most important aspects of building maintenance is keeping its roof in good condition. When needing help with roofing Idaho Falls, it is important to know how to find a good contractor for the job.

Understand the Difference Between an Independent Contractor and a Roofing Company

There are two main types of roofing contractors. Both independent contractors and roofing companies are likely able to get the job done. However, one may be better suited for a specific project.

For example, an independent contractor may be a good option for minor roof repairs. Independent contractors may be more affordable and provide a single point of contact during the work. However, with only one worker, the job may take longer. In addition, tracking down the contractor when there are warranty issues may be difficult.

With a roofing company, larger projects are easier to handle since a larger company usually has several employees on the job. Roof replacements and other large projects are easily handled and often take less time. A roofing company may be easier to contact when managing any warranty issues. However, they can be more expensive, and it may be difficult speaking to several people about the work.

Roofing Contractor

Ask Friends and Family

A good way to find potential roofers is to speak to friends and family. These recommendations can carry a lot of weight and provide individuals with insight into how the contractor handled previous jobs. Be specific when talking about the job. Did they finish on time? Were there additional charges? Were there problems during the work? Pay attention to the answers as they can provide information on how the contractor dealt with such issues.

Check References and Social Media

When narrowing down a list of potential roofers, always check their references. There are a variety of websites, such as Yelp and Google, that allow users to post reviews of companies. The company’s social media pages could also show how customers liked their work and how the contractors respond to any criticism.

It is also a good idea to check each contractor’s licensing. If the state requires licensing, check the local government for licensing information. It may also be a good idea to ensure that the contractor is insured in case of damages or injuries during the project.

Get Several Quotes

It is a good idea to get at least three quotes from different contractors. Be sure that they provide details of the costs. In addition, contractors should provide information on what happens if there are unexpected expenses. Although it may be tempting to go with the cheapest quote, there are other factors to consider.

Ask Questions and Get Everything in Writing

Although it is nice to be able to trust a contractor, doing so is not always a good idea, and memories may not be as accurate as one might think. Getting everything in writing ensures that everything promised is provided. Before hiring a contractor, go over every detail of the job, including the materials to be used, an estimated time for completion, and a description how problems are handled.

By taking a little time to really research the different roofing contractors available, individuals should be able to find a competent contractor that will provide the roofing services needed.

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