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Resmed AirCurve 10 ST : Price and Features

by Uneeb Khan

Resmed has dominated the sleep therapy market for more than 30 years and is renowned for its innovative technology and algorithms. One of the greatest and finest CPAP and BiPAP machines on the market is Resmed.

ResMed has unveiled another user-friendly Bi-Level device as a result of technological advancement and the utilization of only quality components. The AirCurve 10 ST is a BiLevel device that offers flawless patient ventilator synchrony thanks to its integrated backup rate. Whether getting care at home or in a hospital, the AirCurve 10ST is the best choice for patients who seek incredibly dependable, non-invasive ventilation. It is equipped with all the most recent, cutting-edge technological possibilities.

The price of Resmed Aircurve 10 ST BiPAP machine falls between Rs. 69,000 – 75,000 in market which is worth buying due to its advanced features and technology. 

The AirCurve 10ST Machine with the HumidAir System is a cutting-edge equipment with a total of five working modes and sophisticated features. The AirCurve 10ST comes with outstanding performance features including Expiratory Pressure Relief (EPR), auto start and stop capabilities, Vsync automated leak control, ramp operations, mask fitting functions, and more. This BiPAP machine includes the following features:

  • Cycle and trigger sensitivity can be adjusted, providing just enough support for a minimal effort during the cycle. Adjustable cycles are crucial for those who are prone to intrinsic PEEP or mature breath cycling.
  • Backup Rate: The Aircurve 10 ST has a backup rate that ensures you take in enough air per minute even when you’re not naturally breathing in addition to providing inspiratory positive airway pressure.
  • The Resmed Bipap 10 ST has a feature called TiControl. Ti Min ensures that there is sufficient fire for gas exchange without increasing the pressure setting, while T Max enables you to define a maximum inspiratory line to avoid the likelihood of intrinsic PEEP and missing effort.
  • Treatment pressure delivery can be done while maintaining synchrony with the help of Vsync continuous leak management. Vsync continuously checks the flow in order for the Resmed bipap to instantly modify and restore breathing synchrony in the event that an unintentional mask leak occurs.
  • Heated Humidifier: Each AirCurve comes with a HumidAir Humidifier, which is smaller than previous ResMed humidifiers. As a result, your Resmed Bipap gets smaller and less portable. If you don’t regularly use heated humidification, you can operate the device without the humidifier or without filling the water chamber. The most recent and sophisticated respiratory algorithms are available in ST mode in every piece of ST Bipap equipment.
  • Climate Control: The Resmed ST Bipap machine’s climate Control feature maintains the optimal temperature and humidity level throughout therapy. It has an integrated humidifier called HumidAir and a heated air tube called ClimateLineAir.
  • A module or SD card is not necessary because wireless technology is included into every AirCurve 10 device. This makes it possible for you to follow and kill patients who are actively participating in their own treatment using my AirView, and it also makes it simple and quick to retrieve nightly therapy data using AirView.
  • AirView is the most effective cloud platform available .The data will be instantly sent to a cloud storage system for sleep therapy, enabling your doctor to access the sleep therapy data remotely. 

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