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Reporting Osha Safety Violation

by Uneeb Khan

Safety violation is not acceptable in any condition. The construction industry is considered the most hazardous one in many aspects. All the employees and managers are not recommended to work in a hazardous environment at any cost. The managers are responsible for implementing safety precautions at the construction site. Whereas all the workers have the right to work in a safe working environment. Whenever you see any violation in the safety measures, you need to report it as soon as possible. 

The safety precaution is not only for the construction workers but the operators of different equipment as well. all the construction equipment dealers are also supposed to engage their teams and operators in safety regulations. Safety compliance is mandatory to note when you buy CAT construction equipment. Different manufacturers provide safety guidelines with their equipment units. 

Although safety violation report is something that OSHA encourages all construction entities regardless of their position in the industry. In this article, you will know about reporting the OSHA safety violence 

Ways to file safety violation complaint

OSHA urges construction workers to file complaints against safety violations as early as they find them. filing a complaint against a safety violation in OSHA is an easy process. As OSHA operates in many countries so it gives you leverage to file complaints in whatever language you are comfortable in. OSHA’s complaint process runs very smoothly. You file a complaint and then OSHA reviews it to respond to you as soon as possible. Your complaint should contain all the little details about the violation so that the OSHA experts can easily track and process your complaint. Here is the thing, you should include in your OSHA safety violation complaint.

  • Be very specific in stating the hazards and violations you noticed. Instead of generalizing the equipment damage, you should make it very clear which equipment has a particular issue.
  • If you can attach photo and video proofs then it will be best for the experts to proceed smoothly.
  • You should also mention the number of people exposed to that particular hazard.
  • If any worker got an accident, then also report it.
  • Give your location and other details like contact, time, and date of complaint so that your complaint record can be processed well. however, if there is any security issue, you can request to keep your name anonymous.

Filing Complaint Online

As OSHA makes the complaint system smoother, they provide you the facility to file your complaint online through the website. You can check their website and explore it. The website has all the details about filing a complaint. You can read them and understand the way you can proceed. It is also a safe procedure to follow if you have any security issues. 

Filing Complaint by Phone

You can also file your complaint by phone call. This facility is for those who do not have access to the internet or are not aware of it. The OSHA’s regulated phone numbers are mentioned in the equipment manual guideline. Whereas if you want an immediate response, then find the number of your concerned state and directly call them. Phone calls are the quickest way you will get a response from the concerned department.

Filing Complaint by Mail/Fax

The official way to file a complaint against a safety violation is by mail or fax. It works the same as the online complaint system. You mail or fax the authorities and they evaluate it to proceed further. You need to provide them with all the necessary information in the mail so that you can easily and quickly get a response.


The OSHA’s safety guidelines are so strict. You need to follow them on the construction site. No matter if you are a construction worker or an operator of CAT construction equipment, you need to know and follow the safety measures. On the other hand, if you find any safety violations, OSHA encourages you to file a complaint against it as soon as possible. In this article, you may know about the ways you can file a complaint against safety violations.

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